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   Chapter 122 Compensate Me for Ten Times of Medical Expense

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7031

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Lola collected her documents tardily on purpose. She planned to leave after everyone else.

However, the man on the executive chair was sitting still there after she had finished collecting for over half a minute.

Julie Tan glanced at Lola and then shifted her gaze to Harry with a flirtatious smile, "Boss Si, aren't you leaving now?"

Her voice was so coquettishly tender that Lola was gooseflesh.

"Well! Now that they don't leave, then I will go first!" Lola thought.

Then she stood up carefully and left the meeting room with weak legs under the gaze of Harry.

Lola got a Wechat message soon after she went back to her office. It was a contact request from Harry.

After they quarreled last time, she decided not to speak to Harry any more. So she blacklisted him.

But she didn't dare to really ignore him. "Are you OK?"

The moment she accepted the request, she received a message from Harry.

"Is he concerned about me?" Lola thought with a giggle.

After a while, she replied, "I developed an incurable disease."

Harry didn't believe her of course. He replied right away, "Come to my office. I will check you up."


Lola replied him with a horror-struck emoji and text saying, "Boss Si, it's time to work." Then she shut off the screen with a smile. She was planning to go to hospital to have a check. If there was something seriously wrong with her body, she would haunt Harry Si for rest of his life!

Lola drove to the nearby gynecology hospital during lunch break. She put on her cap, sunglasses and gauze mask before she got out of the car. She had an examination and applied unguent under the guidance of her attending doctor there so she felt much better then.

Lola went back to her office with several pieces of examination reports and invoices. Staring at those paper, Lola pondered for a while and decided to go to Harry.

She thought it was necessary to let him know what he had done to her.

Lola glimpsed the clock on the wall. It was around ten past one. From what she knew of Harry, he was either resting or working in his office at that ti

Those hours...last night... Hearing his words, Lola pulled a long face at once. Shit! Couldn't that man say something sweet?

Was that how that man thought of her? "Stop. I don't want it any more." She turned around and walked towards the door in disappointment.

Harry was totally confused. Why? If she thought that was not enough, he would add more zeros!

"Stop!" He put down the pen in his hand and walked to Lola who stopped beside the door.

Harry looked down at her with a frown. The angry woman was so cute to him. "What's wrong?"

Lola glared at him and shouted, "What do you mean by "This is for those hours last night"? What do you think of me?" A prostitute? Lola didn't take that word out of her mouth. That was too nasty.

Hearing Lola, Harry displayed a brighter smile. With that smile, he looked so charming that Lola was unable to move her gaze away.

Harry was satisfied to see Lola staring at him affectionately.

Then he fished his wallet out from a pocket. Seeing that wallet, Lola was astonished with her eyes popping out. She bought that wallet for Harry.

It had been years... She couldn't believe Harry was still using it.

She glimpsed Harry with a mixed look. She couldn't guess what's on Harry's mind.

Harry drew a familiar card out and said, "This is profit from the shopping mall in D City. It's under your name and the password is unchanged."

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