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   Chapter 121 What's Wrong with You Today

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6424

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Well, this was his real thought. Lola's joy disappeared all of a sudden.

What else could she say? She put her arms against Harry's chest and sneered, "Even if I'm going to MONEY BOY, it has nothing to do with you!"

Recalling the words that night, she continued, "I have nothing to do with you, and you are nothing to me! Just get out now!"

While shouting, she turned back to open the door and tried to push him out.

"Get out? Only this woman dares to say this to me again and again in my whole life!" Harry thought, "She's got nerves."

He closed the door with one hand, and held her wrist with another to drag her into the bedroom.

"Harry, you son of a bitch! Let go of me!" She tried to get rid of him with both of her hands.

But how could Harry let her go? He must seize this good opportunity today to give her a lesson!

"Extra small? I think you've forgotten something after several years." He threw her into the bed, squinting at the woman struggling to get up, his eyes sparkling with discontent and anger.

"Click!" Harry untied his belt...

After four years, Lola was more attractive.

Harry unleashed all his anger to her without any mercy.

After two o 'clock in the morning.

A woman, with hair hanging loose about her shoulders, stumbled out of the storm, with her coat in hands.

She fumbled for the key in bag and hurried to get in her car.

Then she stepped on the gas and drove towards home.

She didn't dare to pull over until she was three or four kilometers away from the hotel.

She leaned on the steering wheel exhaustedly, and couldn't help cursing Harry in her mind over and over again.

How on earth did she get out of that room just now? Even begging didn't work. She had to put on her clothes and ran out before Harry came out of the bathroom.

While she was lost in thought, her cell phone rang.

In the dark night, her body trembled when she heard t

one by one. They were all curious about why Lola changed style and wore a sports coat.

Two minutes before the meeting. The man who caused her misery walked into the meeting room in high spirits.

Next to him was exactly his fiancee's schoolmate. They came in with smile on their faces.

She suddenly heard a deputy general manager whisper to another man, "What's that on the CEO's neck?"

Hearing this, she immediately raised her head and peered at the suspicious red mark on Harry's neck.

Then, before the man looked towards her, she lowered her head and began thinking. Was the hickey left by her? How couldn't she remember? Or was it left by Julie Tan, who was talking and laughing with him right now?

Harry looked at Lola who was looking down. It seemed that she didn't want to talk. "Well, just leave her alone, since I feel good today." He thought.

At the meeting which was no more than 30 minutes, Harry spoke for ten minutes, over half of which time was spent speaking for Lola.

Then, after every department reported their performance, the meeting was dismissed at once.

The executives hurried out of the meeting room and began gossiping about Harry as they noticed that he didn't come over.

They were guessing who was with their CEO last night!

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