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   Chapter 120 She Was Playing With Fire

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6262

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Joshua tilted his head to the right, which looked like he was kissing her! Lola gave him the thumbs up on the sly!

"Boss Si, let's go! You see those two people can't wait!" Edith said in a coquettish voice and pulled the man who was clenching his fists to their room.

"Bang!" Hearing a door slam, Joshua, in a cold sweat, would kneel down onto the ground if Lola didn't hold him up.

Lola watched the coward Joshua, impatiently put his arm on her shoulder and dragged him into the room booked by Harry.

It was next door to Harry's room!

When Harry got into his room, he put on a sulky expression.

Scared by Harry's cold face, Edith took a few steps back. What happened to Harry?

He took out his cell phone and called Joey. "Come here and send Mrs. Lin home."

When Edith heard Harry's orders, the possibility that Harry was using her flashed through her mind.

And, as loud shrieks kept coming from the next door, Harry's eyes were becoming more murderous.

Edith finally understood! She pulled herself together. What could she say? Being used by such a formidable man, she dared say nothing.

She still had her dignity, so when Joey came, Edith left with him without demur!

She did not want to be used. Compared to Harry, this terrible man, her own husband turned out to be more favorable to her.

In Room 3202.

Lola leaned against the sofa, letting out shrieks towards the room door time and again.

Joshua, lying on another sofa, eyes fixed on his goddess, groaned from time to time.

What was the relationship between his goddess and the boss? "Miss Li, you and Boss Si..." Curiosity drove him to ask.

Lola glanced at him with a smile. How should she reply?

Harry was chasing her? It was obvious that he had a fiancee, ok?

She was chasing Harry? How shameful would that be!

"Nothing. I don't know how to explain it

sed from prison.

Good luck with Miss Li!

"What are you doing? It's rude to interrupt others!" Lola cast a displeased glance at Harry, her red lips pursed.

Harry was so jealous and enraged that he did not notice the woman's unspoiled red lips.

He pulled the woman close, and Lola bumped against his strong chest.

As she lost her balance in high heels, she got trapped in his arms.

"You're so horny? Huh?" The man pinched her little chin tightly, making her look up at himself.

Lola kept her feet and asked, "Does that have anything to do with you? Boss Si?" Lola threw off Harry's big hand and intended to open the door.

Harry, with a sullen face, pulled her back again, and pinned her against the door.

Lola was trapped between his hands. "How does it feel to kiss your toy boy?" Thinking of the scene he just saw, Harry wanted to strangle this woman.

Toy boy? Joshua would probably jump off the building if he heard that!

Lola broke into a smile. She was mocking at Harry's overreaction, while Harry thought she was reliving!

He kissed her on the lips passionately, as he did not allow any man to touch this woman. Because... "You are too vicious to have even a toy boy!" He spit out a few words in her ear.

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