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   Chapter 119 Beaten to Death in the Street

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7545

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Edith Lin hooked her arm around Harry's neck, "How about going out for fun? Just you and me."

Harry glimpsed the fancy watch on his left wrist and found it was almost nine o'clock p.m. He had been there for more than one hour. It was indeed time to go. "Mrs. Lin is a little bit drunk. I gotta send her home. Enjoy yourself." He said and stood up.

Edith Lin snuggled up to Harry throughout. Seeing that, other CEOs understood tacitly and giggled.

"Mr. Si, you'd better walk Mrs. Lin upstairs!" A CEO joked. Harry nodded indifferently to him.

Then Harry and Edith Lin left the private room arm in arm, leaving the gossip and muffled giggle behind.

"Edith Lin is really something! I can't believe she just hooked up with Harry Si."

"Me too! It is said Harry Si is a disciplined man in private life. What's more, his fiancee is the International Queen, Yolanda Mo. It seems Edith Lin is really good at this ha...ha..."


Joey, who was hiding in a secluded corner and sending messages with Lola, turned off the screen and caught up with them immediately the moment he saw his Boss stepping out the private room with a woman.

At the hall of Storm Nightclub.

Lola was there for some fresh air. Joshua followed her out. They were chatting when Lola received Joey's message.

Then she glimpsed Joshua standing next to her, "Do me a favor!" Before Joshua nodded yes, Lola held his arm quickly.

Joshua was totally confused. "What happened?" He thought. But he was super excited to be so close with his Goddess. He thought simply it was because his efforts that night paid off.

He had been having a crush on Lola for a long time. But Lola was far more superior than him so he thought there might be no chance for him.

Lola's warn arose when he was still distracted, "Come with me. Don't you dare screw it!"

It seemed as if they were whispering in each other's ears intimately from behind.

Harry saw Lola, who was wearing a distinctive make-up and holding a young man's arm the moment he stepped out the elevator arm in arm with Edith Lin.

Edith Lin had been observing Harry's expression. On seeing Harry turning a horrifyingly cold look in a sudden, she was frightened.

Lola, with a sunny smile on her face

over the chest and said seriously, "That was our CEO! I am so scared! How dare I be against him! Please let go of me! Hum?"

Lola put her palms together over the chest as Joshua did and looked at him with a sincere look, "It's almost done. The only thing you need to do next is to walk into that room with me. I owe you a favor. How about treating you to dinner after that?" Or "What do you want most? Name it! I will give you whatever you want." Lola said. She was trying hard to persuade Joshua.

Looking at the beautiful woman, who was standing in front him and staring at him sincerely, Joshua thought, "The thing I wanted most before was you but now I find keeping my job is the most important thing!"

He shook his head in a panic-stricken way, "No. Miss Li, I don't want anything! I don't want to face our boss any more. He is so scary! Please!" As the elevator arrived at the 32 floor, where the president suites located, his legs felt like jelly.

The elevator opened. "Just this once!" It seemed that Lola didn't want to let go of him.

Then she walked out the elevator gracefully. Joshua was planning to press the "close door" button the moment Lola stepped out.

But Lola saw him through. She turned back and yanked Joshua out of the elevator.

Joshua's struggle made them collide with each other and the sound they made attracted the two people walking in front of them.

Before Harry turned around, Joshua pluck up the courage to pin Lola against the wall with both hands.

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