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   Chapter 118 A Young Hunk

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6668

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When did Joey become a gossiper? Lola gave him a glare, pretending to be angry. "He is not here!" Then she took the bag from his hands and shut the door!

Joey understood what was going on, smiled and left.

Inside the bag were the clothes that Harry had asked Joey to bring to the hotel, and Lola wanted to change the clothes before the man came out.

While she was taking off her bathrobe, the bathroom door was opened. Lola looked at the man in consternation.

What a good timing! He was absolutely intentional. Lola took a deep breath and casually put on the clothes.

At the moment, every second was a torment for Harry.

He gazed at the sensual curve of the woman. He guessed that she must be waiting for him to come out and get changed then.

Watching her put on a light yellow coat, Harry wiped his hair with a towel. In fact, his physical reaction had already betrayed himself.

After she had changed clothes, Lola threw the wet clothes directly into the trash, and left the hotel without saying a word.

Harry felt that he was such a gentleman at the moment because he had controlled himself in face of an attractive woman.

However, only he himself knew how hard he tried to hold back the desire.

"Lola, you bring me pain today." Harry thought, "I will make you suffer more next time!"

He took out the expensive suit in the bag, put it on and left the hotel.

At eight pm.

In Storm Nightclub.

Lola parked her car in front of the nightclub and walked in a pair of 3-inch black high heels.

She heard that Harry and several bosses were gathering here this evening. It was Joey who tipped her off through WeChat—God knows why! He was really not afraid of Harry slashing his months of bonus.

After minutes' of pondering, Lola went home to change her clothes, and then came to Storm Nightclub.

When Lola showed up in the private room, wearing a smoky makeup and a long black jacket, everyone of the design department was boiling with amazement.


ion of making her embarrassed for they were out tonight to have fun.

The CEO next to Harry chatted with him for a moment about business affairs and then started to get fresh with the beauty by his side.

"Boss Si, will your fiancee in D City come here?" Edith asked Harry after the two men finished talking. Edith, a 32-year-old woman, had a fair-faced husband who lived off her.

As a successful career woman, she actually hoped that her husband could be a courageous and domineering man like Harry.

However, her husband, who was good-for-nothing, would always rely on her, which made her exhausted.

As her wrinkles were covered by heavy makeup, she looked like a young woman of around twenty-seven years old.

When Yolanda was spoken of, Harry's heart sank, and he forced a mysterious smile. He leant towards Edith and spit a word with a frivolous tone. "No."

Edith smelled the masculine scent of the man, her heart pounding and her face reddening.

Encouraged, she reached her hands to Harry's arm and whispered in his ear seductively. "Boss Si, how could you be alone?"

How could the man not understand what she was hinting at?

Maybe because he hadn't been so relaxed for a long time, Harry didn't let her down. "What do you think, then?" But his real intent was to leave here with a suitable excuse.

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