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   Chapter 117 Do I Look Like A Ghost

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6653

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The women, who had been struggling in the river, disappeared unexpectedly. Harry swam quickly towards the middle of the river.

The last minute before Lola Li lost consciousness, her arm was grabbed. Then, two powerful long arms held around her waist. She sensed a familiar kiss, blowing air into her mouth.

She missed Harry so much...

The man held her with one arm and swam to the shore with the other one.

At last, Harry got her ashore in the crowd of rubbernecks.

Those who gathered around the riverside, immediately made way for them. Someone even helped to take Lola over and put her on the ground.

Harry immediately gave a chest compression to the woman fainting on the ground. Lola, you evil woman! You just fell into the water. Don't play dead!

He had shown some real skills here!

He was handsome, kind and he could even save people. Oh, my God! "I'll ask if he has a girlfriend after he finishes."

A college girl, whose eyes were shining with excitement, stared at the cool Harry.

"Maybe the girl is his girlfriend!" The man beside give a scornful look to the girl who was having a crush on Harry.

Hearing that, the college girl's face fell at once. What happened next dashed her hope completely.

After Lola spat out most of the water in her belly, Harry knelt half down to give her artificial respiration without hesitation!

Mr. Xiang saw this crystal clear and guessed Harry must have an affair with her.

When Harry noticed the quarrel, he strode over after simply apologizing to Mr. Xiang.

Then he jumped in without a slightest hesitation when he saw Miss Li fall into the water.

No wonder SL Group had developed into an empire. The CEO was kind and loyal, different from the cruel and merciless one in the rumor. The boss was faithful and employees were responsible. The project had high profits and prospects. Did he have any reason to refuse the cooperation with them?

The woman finally came to herself in the cough. Otherwise, Har

or the socket.

When she was about to insert the plug, she was pulled back into a sturdy embrace.


The man kissed her wet hair gently. The hair drier dropped from her hand, onto the carpet.

She slapped the arms around her off and urged, "Go have a bath!" She sounded somewhat trembled and didn't even dare to look into his eyes.

Harry put on an evil smile and turned her around so that she would face him.

Seized with a sudden impulse, Harry kissed her lips gently. Lola closed her eyes subconsciously.

It was quite in the room. Nothing could be heard except the deeper breath until Lola was thrown onto the bed.

She sat right up and clenched her collar. "Please behave yourself, Mr. Si!" She turned her head away, trying to avoid him.

Harry bowed and grasped her wrist with one hand. He pinched her chin with the other hand and forced her to look into his eyes.

"Come on. There you go again! Lola, you're thinking too much!" He then let go of her, poker-faced and stroke into the bathroom.

Lola Li felt relieved, got off the bed and went on to dry her hair.

She was drying her hair half-way when the doorbell rang. As Harry was still bathing, she had to put down the hair drier and to open the door.

It was Joey. Seeing her, he looked into the room vaguely and asked, "Where's Mr. Si?"

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