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   Chapter 116 Become the Victim of Verbal Assault and Died in D City

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6661

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Lola hurried to catch up with Harry. She found her own car and prepared to drive herself.

"Get in!" With only two cars between them, Harry sat on the driver's seat, calling the woman.

Lola looked at her car, but the man's eyes flashing with warning made her walk reluctantly up to his car and get in.

"Destination." He stepped on the gas and made a U-turn.

"I don't know." She looked at the man next to her and said crossly.

But Harry's warning eyes made she obediently tell an address.

The place reserved was an open-air cafe, and when they arrived, Mr. Xiang was already there.

The cafe was on the bank of the river, decorated in European style.

"Hello, Mr. Xiang. I'm Harry, the CEO of SL group. This is Lola Li, the deputy CEO!" Obviously, it's Harry instead of Lola who had the voice.

Mr. Xiang, who was in his fifties, stood up immediately to welcome Harry, "I've heard so much about you, and finally I got the chance to see you!"

"Our group values this contract, so I come to meet you."

It was a great pleasure for Mr. Xiang to hear the contract was highly valued by SL group.

With Harry here, Lola didn't need to talk at all. After the greeting, Harry considerately pulled out the chair opposite to Mr. Xiang for Lola.

Seeing this, Mr. Xiang smiled, "Mr. Si, you're a gentleman indeed!"

With a faint smile on his face, Harry said naturally, "My pleasure."

"Two cups of latte, one with sugar and one without, thanks!" Harry said to the waiter. Again, he made the decision on his own, which made Lola a little unpleasant.

Then, Lola began to introduce the company's plan and the prospect of their cooperation. After her introduction, Mr. Xiang and Harry talked about some issues concerning price and development right etc.

Lola rose quietly from her seat and walked towards the bathroom.

With a glance at where she was going, Harry continued his talk with Mr. Xiang about the contract.

After coming out of the bathroom, Lola still thou

wooden handrail, unwilling to move a step forward.

Seeing this, Mike went back to loosen her hand on the handrail.

"Mike, just let go of me!" Mike's another pull made Lola scream out, and their confrontation finally drew everyone's attention.

Just then, Mike saw a man coming towards them with a sullen face. That was Harry!

Mike was so scared to see him that he suddenly loosened Lola, which made the woman hit the handrail and lost balance. Then she fell head-first down into the water.

"Ah!" The woman's screaming disappeared in a splash.

As Harry strode over, Mike hurried to ran away in fear.

Instead of running after Mike, Harry took off his coat and jumped into the water to save Lola.

If he was not mistaken, that running guy was Mike. Harry was surprised that he had come to A Country!

Well, just catch him later.

Lola fell into the water which was 8 feet deep. She could not swim, so she swallowed several mouthful of water after failing to hold her breath.

The water was cold and she felt terrible. Who would come to help her? Is there anybody to save her?

"Harry, where were you? If you don't come and save me, I'll never talk to you for the rest of life!"

Her stomach was full of disgusting river water. She didn't wanna die, and she couldn't leave her beloved Nicole behind!

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