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   Chapter 115 I Bring My Girlfriend

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"Yes. Today, I bring my girlfriend to taste Mrs. Han's private home cuisine." Lola was startled by his words. Their relationship could be misunderstood by Harry.

Lola tightened her grip on Thomas's arm and he felt it, of course. He smiled and patted the woman's little hand.

With a grim face, Harry looked at the little woman, who had no reaction at all, and his eyes were filled with rage. "Lola, are you President Herren's girlfriend?"

He asked the little woman who was lowering her head.

Lola was taken aback by his cold tone, as if she would come to a bad end if she dared to nod.

"Of course! Boss Si doesn't want to congratulate us?" Thomas answered for Lola and looked at the livid man, eyes glowing with pleasure.

However, there was a suspicious mark on his lips. Was that a bite mark? Who bit him? Was it Lola?

However, the two people who were arm in arm suddenly went pale upon hearing what Harry said in reply.

The man suppressed his anger and put on a wicked expression. "She and I had a relationship, don't you mind, Thomas?"

It was raining heavier. The five people stood in an awkward silence.

Red all over her face, Lola really wanted to slap Harry at this moment. How could he become so shameless!

In the dim light, Harry pulled out a cigarette, as if nothing were wrong.

The stunned Joey saw the scene and immediately took out the lighter from his pocket and lit the cigarette for Harry.

Thomas took a deep breath and said, "Boss Si, you know, that was in the past. I would not mind. We all need to move on, don't we? "

Lola cast a glare at Harry and said to Thomas, "Leave him alone, let's go!" She turned around, holding Thomas's arm.

That son of a bitch, would he go for one minute without humiliating her!

Watching Lola and Thomas leaving as a pair, Harry took a drag on his cigarette. To give vent to his anger, he puffed a mouthful of smoke into Joey's face.

"Cough!" In an unguarded moment, the innocent Joey was choked by

n who was quickening her pace. Of course he could see that she was avoiding him.

The harder she tried to avoid him, the less likely he would let her go!

After a smooth morning meeting, Lola was relieved that Harry did not embarrass her. She went back to her office and picked up her stuff, ready to take the documents to meet Mr. Xiang.

Her cell phone rang at this time—it was from the CEO's office...

"Hello, Boss Si!" Hearing the professional sound, Harry frowned.

"I will go with you to negotiate the contract with Mr. Xiang." He spoke out his intention.

Lola's self-esteem was really hurt. "If you don't believe in my working ability, why do you leave the case to me?"

The man over the phone turned silent. She thought he didn't believe in her working ability?

"Wait for me at the company door." He hung up without explanation.

Looking at the folder in her hand, Lola really wanted to throw it out of the window.

Harry was getting more and more capable of hurting her. Lola really doubted whether she was a masochist? Staying here and suffering his abuse?

By the time Lola got to the company door, Harry had already arrived. Though Harry had asked her to wait for him, she was late.

So, the man was very unhappy about it.

Seeing Lola, he went to his car without giving her another look.

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