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   Chapter 114 Mr. Si. What A Coincidence

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Thomas politely pulled a wooden chair, on which there was a soft cushion, out for Lola. "Thank you." Lola gave him a smile and sat down. A waitress, who was in the same green cheongsam as the greeter at the doorway, came into the private room the second after Thomas sat down near Lola.

The waitress came to them with a sweet smile on her face. "Hello, this is our menu." She said while putting the menu in the middle of Lola and Thomas.

Thomas pushed the menu closer to Lola and asked her to order.

Lola didn't refuse. She picked up the menu and scanned it, "Which one do you prefer, Tieguanyin or Pu'er Tea?" Now that they were there to appreciate tea art, then those two kinds of tea would be the best choices.

"Tieguanyin, please!" Thomas pointed to the Tieguanyin, which was the most expensive tea on the menu. It cost over 1200 for each teapot.

There was only several grams of tea leaves in each teapot! Lola thought that was too expensive, but she still said, "OK."

Seeing Thomas order the most expensive tea, the waitress displayed a brighter smile.

Cause the commission from a teapot of Tieguanyin would be higher than her daily wage.

The tea was served up soon. Lola cursorily watched the waitress rinsing tea leaves and tea set for them. Then the waitress poured two cups for them and asked Lola and Thomas to smell the faint scent of tea first and then taste.

Lola seldom tasted tea, cause she didn't have much extra time for such kind of leisure activity. All her time was occupied by work and Nicole. But she really enjoyed the tea.

After the first brewing, the light-colored tea sent forth a fresh scent which could cheer people up.

Lola took a sip. The scent lingered in her mouth after the mellow-flavored tea water went down her throat.

"How is it?" Thomas stared at Lola with a tender smile.

Lola emptied her cup and nodded, "It's really good." She found tasting tea was really enjoyable.

The waitress refilled their cups.

"Yes. This restaurant is quite good. I have come here several times. How about coming here together again next time?" Thomas was happy to see Lola's expression of enjoyment.

Seeing Lola nodding without hesitation, Thomas revealed a grin excitedly.

Although the waitress was quite skillful at every procedure of tea making, she was still cautious with her ever

hat figure.

"Who is the man with Miss Li?" Joey wondered. But he didn't dare to ask.

Harry recalled the phone call Lola was answering last night. "It seemed that was from Thomas Herren and they were talking about the date today." Harry thought angrily.

His steps became faster and faster. Joey had to trot so as to keep pace with him. Only God knew was it coincidence or destiny. Harry's Maybach and Thomas's Lincoln were parked next to each other.

Glimpsing the familiar Maybach parked nearby by accident, Lola had a bad feeling.

Then a cold voice arose behind her, "President Herren!" Lola was so scared that she couldn't help holding Thomas's arm at once.

Looking at Lola's hands tightly holding his arm, Thomas smiled. No matter why Lola did that, he was happy to be closer to Lola.

He knew who the man was behind them. Thomas turned back with a happy smile on his face, "Mr. Si. What a coincidence!"

Lola bent her head down and stared at her shoes. She wasn't planning to greet Harry.

If they were not in the company, then they were just strangers, weren't they?

With a frozen look, Harry licked the bite on his lips, and gazed at the woman, who kept her head down and turned a blind eye to him. "Yes. Such a coincidence. Mr. President came here for dinner too?" Said Harry who was in a black coat that day. Besides, his shirt and trousers were all black too.

At that moment, he was standing there straightly with both his hands in pockets. Behind him was Joey, who was holding an umbrella. Harry looked like a honorable king.

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