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   Chapter 113 Don't Call Me President

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6624

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Since Harry's arrival, SL Group's business in A Country was seeing significant growth in all aspects, which earned the admiration of the staff.

Twenty minutes later, the meeting was over and Lola irritably sat alone in the conference room.

After a while, she slowly calmed down. "Whatever!" she thought. "Come what may, I am not afraid!"

She gathered up the folders on the table and walked out.

When she was just out of the door, she saw Harry holding the arm of Julie, who seemed to have sprained her ankle in high heels.

She sneered upon seeing them. One who had watched a soap opera would know that this woman was very likely intentional.

Pretending not to see the two people, Lola went straight past them.

She overheard Julie's coquettish voice. "Boss Si, my foot really hurts..."

Lola smiled with sarcasm, which was noticed by Harry.

"Lola, send Miss Tan to the hospital." With that, he shoved Julie into Lola's arms.

Being bumped into, Lola took a step back. The two women clung to each other, frozen in shock.

Looking at Harry, who was ready to leave, Lola took Julie's wrist and walked a few steps to stop the man.

Glaring into his cold eyes, Lola pulled Julie forward and pushed her back into his arms.

"Boss Si, I would rather let you be the hero!" Julie threw her arms around the man's waist as if she would fall down.

"He is awesome!" thought Julie, "He could make a good bedmate! But the bite on his lips is so obvious!"

As a strong smell of perfume assailed Harry's nostrils, he was annoyed. "Lola! Stop there!"

"Why do I have to listen to you?" Lola thought. She trotted to the elevator and pressed the button without hesitation.

Seeing that Lola went away and Harry wore a ghastly expression, Julie quickly stood to her feet. "My ankle seems to be okay. Boss Si, I will not bother you!"

Years of business experience had molded her a shrewd business women who knew her way around people. It was an essential skill.

of. It's a hybrid of tea and meals." Thomas knew that, in all probability, Harry had come to A Country because of her.

About ten minutes later, the limo slowly stopped in a parking lot and the two people got out of the car.

At Xanadu Café.

A pearwood signboard on the bamboo door read: Xanadu Café.

The greeter, who was dressed in a green cheongsam, welcomed them with respect the moment she saw Thomas.

Then she walked them to the courtyard along the cobblestone path. On both sides were two big glass houses that were filled with green plants and tea.

At the end of the glass houses was a stone arch bridge decorated with retro lanterns. Below the bridge was a meandering stream.

The bridge was adjacent to a two-story retro building, next to which were countless cabins.

The greeter led them to an innermost cabin named "Plum Blossom." She opened the door and they walked in, one after the other.

On the shelf at the doorway were all kinds of bone china ornaments with plum blossom elements as well as various famous teas.

Inside was a long stone table with plum blossom patterns. Several sets of tableware were neatly arranged there.

Next to the dining table was a smaller stone table, on which there were a verawood tea tray and Jingdezhen porcelain cups with plum blossom patterns.

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