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   Chapter 112 CEO Lost His Temper

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At half past seven, Lola Li showed herself in her office on time. It was the first day when Julie Tan came to work, so Lola had to spend half an hour showing her around the company ahead of clock-in time.

After she sat down, it didn't take long before someone knocked at the door. She said, "Come in!" She then put her personal belongings into the locker.

It was Julie Tan, in a rose suit with a long white coat. She wore the internship badge with red marcel wave over her shoulders. Having applied rose eye shadows and rose lipstick, she looked charming and enchanting!

"Miss Li, it's my honor to work with you!" Julie Tan stood rooted to the ground, staring at the woman in front of her. Lola Li wore a white blouse, long white loose pants and white high-heeled leather shoes. Her short black coat was draped over the chair.

"Me, too. I'll help with the following work." Come and ask me for whatever you're confused of." With her cellphone in her hand, Lola Li walked out of the office ahead, showed Julie Tan around the company and introduced her the department distribution in detail.

When they came to the first floor, they ran into Harry who just walked in from outside.

There was a clear bite on his lips. Lola Li looked upset when she recalled what had happened last night. But she still greeted him, "Morning, Mr. Si!"

Julie Tan had her eyes brightened immediately she saw Harry. She thought it was a good choice to work at SL Group where she could see handsome Harry every day!

But, were Mr. Si's lips bitten by some woman? Unconsciously, she took a look at Lola Li who appeared as if nothing had happened and greeted, "Morning, Mr. Si!' She greeted as Lola Li did.

Harry just gave Julie a look and nodded before he walked to the elevator, poker-faced. This made Lola Li a little embarrassed. She collected her wits and went on introducing the company planning and development to Julie Tan.

Julie Tan skimmed over the odd look on Lola Li's face and then looked at the man who had just left. She was acutely aware that something must have happened

emper, Lola Li answered with a high voice, "Boss, I suppose this is what Miss Tan should do now, isn't it?" God. Was he trying to avenge himself in the name of business?

Julie Tan looked at Harry and Lola who were obscurely squabbling and wondered if they had a row.

Harry, in the seat of host, banged the table. Everyone else was scared out of their wits with cold sweat on their foreheads.

What was wrong with Miss Li today? Why did she keep annoying the demon CEO? Please let go of them!

It was the first time the CEO lost his temper in public. There was a dead silence in the meeting room. Everyone lowered his head, who didn't even dare to breathe.

Lola glared at the man who kept shooting daggers at her. Then she heard his voice again, "What? Since you're now the deputy CEO, I can't even command you any more, can I?"

There was a sudden moment of embarrassment when Lola Li looked humiliated.

She took a deep breath and stoop up, poker-faced. But the chair, which was almost kicked down, spilled out her anger. She snatched the remote control for the slide in the middle of the room and answered, "How dare I! Your wish is my command!"

She headed for the computer in her high-heeled shoes and played the slide for company data.

"Yesterday, our stock rose by 10%. The employee turnover rate was zero..." Her dulcet voice echoed all over the meeting room.

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