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   Chapter 111 Then Get Out of My House

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6472

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Harry's face turned gloomy on hearing Yolanda's voice. Lola Li, to his surprise, answered the video call from Yolanda.

Lola Li giggled, phone in her hand, "Mr. Si, I just had a real fun!" It was really nice! Treading on the woolen carpet barefoot was of course comfortable.

Harry could tell from the seductive voice that she was on purpose.

Yolanda couldn't recognize the voice, but she knew for sure it was a women's voice.

The very saying of having fun inevitably left her to imagine more.

Face distorted in rage, Yolanda wondered how many scandals Harry was tangled with.

But she was gloat about her wise favor for such a sought-after man. A great many scandals were in fact a strong proof of her smart choice.

A woman in sports suit suddenly appeared on the screen. Yolanda had a clear glance at her face, the face of the woman who had gone for nowhere for four years.

It was Lola Li! That bitch again! She clenched her fists, "Harry!" Yolanda's heartbroken voice was heard from the line.

She remembered he once declared he would never be with Lola Li. But what the hell were they doing now?

Grudge, desperation and grief touched every nerve of her at the moment.

Having heard Yolanda's voice, Harry took the phone and hung up, throwing a chilly glance to the woman who now lost all her commanding bearing seen in the company in the daytime.

"How dare you hurt her?"

The question tinged with frozen tone stiffened Lola Li's smile, and then wiped it all out.

One was icy-cold; one awkward in the depressing air.

Lola Li totally underestimated what Yolanda meant to Harry. She even hold the delusion that Harry still felt for her.

There was a likelihood that his invitation simply proved for business. Perhaps she overthought.

In that case, why did he mess with her again and again? Did he intend to win her over as a mistress with his fame and fortune?

The long time silence and mutual

oldness on his face that were seen four years ago, Lola Li closed his eyes, tears tricking down through her cheeks.

She had no clue why she shed tears. Was that because of grievance? Or fear? Or pain, perhaps. All that was truly unknown to her.

As time clicked away, he stopped his pinching, stonily staring at the crying woman.

Keeping the pent-up caring at bay, he relentlessly yelled, "I'm here to get back at you, Lola Li! Don't forget about it! You are just an ordinary woman to me and there is nothing serious between us, "

A note of scathing sarcasm was disclosed in her smiling.

Good! In that cases, she said, "Thanks for your reminding. I don't wanna see you for the rest of my life." She obstinately looked into his eyes, and thought to herself, "she can't lose no matter how mighty he looks like. She must hold on to last."

Harry instantly flied into fury and violently shook her away. "Then get out of my house!" Lola Li lost her balance and bumped against the door. Lucky for her, she didn't hurt herself.

"Asshole! He was insane!"

She cursed silently. Putting on her shoes, she opened the door and dashed out. Before she slapped the door, she shot back, "You jerk, Harry!" The door closed with a bang, and the woman left. The whole world became silent.

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