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   Chapter 110 Fiancee's Number

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At Crescent Spring Villa.

Eight pm.

Lola rang the villa's doorbell. The man, in a gray night-robe, opened the door holding a glass of high-grade red wine.

The woman concealed her clean and beautiful face under the garish smoky makeup and red lipstick.

She dressed herself in a black sports suit and black sneakers.

She was definitely intentional!

Sulkiness flickered in Harry's eyes. A woman should thank god for being invited by Harry.

"Go away!" The man spit out two words. He really had no appetite for her.

The woman secretly smiled, feeling complacent for getting what she wanted! She would admire his courage if he got fresh with her even though she was dressed up like this!

The woman turned and walked back. "Stop!" The cold voice of the man came again.

She looked back with a smile. "What's up, Boss Si? Didn't you ask me to go away?"

"I changed my mind." Was it hard to understand? Were there any barriers to communication between the two people?

Lola pulled a face in an instant and her ghostly expression was clearly seen by Harry.

Did she hate him? Thinking of this possibility, Harry put his red wine glass on the front porch.

He pulled her into the villa. Hate him? He did not allow it!

The interior of the villa was decorated in the same style as No. 8 Pearl Spring. Harry was absolutely a neat freak for the house was clean and spotless. And white was the dominant color.

If you looked around this villa, which covered a few thousand square feet, you would notice that the wallpaper, the sofas, the chandeliers and the carpets were all white. Only the cabinets, the wine racks, the tables and the like would be painted in light gray or black.

"Bang!" Harry slammed the villa door shut. Hearing the loud sound, Lola almost leaped into the air with fear.

Looking at his gloomy face, Lola wondered whether he was angry.

Why should he be angry anyway? She was angry indeed!

Lola got rid of the man's hand, took of

tared at her with murderous eyes, as if a wolf was watching a sheep. At this time, she spotted Harry's cell phone on the table.

An idea came to her.

She carefully moved to the table and quickly picked up his cell phone, while keeping an eye on the man who may rush at her.

Watching her grabbing his cell phone, Harry thought she was up to no good, so he strode to catch up.

The woman screamed and ran behind the other sofa, preventing Harry from getting closer.

Watching the grinning woman, Harry had an impulse to throw the sofa out.

"Boss Si, think twice. Your cell phone is in my hand. If I dial your fiancee's number by accident..." The woman smiled cunningly at Harry, who smiled as well.

"Lola..." Harry's wolfish voice was interrupted by a WeChat video call.

Though scared by the sudden noise, Lola cast a glance at the screen and saw the name of Yolanda.

She took a quick look at the man who was coming near and pressed the "Accept" button without hesitation.

Yolanda was filled with joy, for Harry finally accepted her video call.

The problem was that she saw the ceiling at first, and then the camera was aimed at Harry on the other side.

Obviously, it wasn't Harry who answered her video call. Who would it be?

Yolanda suddenly had a bad feeling. "Harry." She called softly.

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