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   Chapter 109 Fiancee's Schoolmate

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6523

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Hearing Yolanda's words, Julie sneered to herself, "You want me to fight off the deputy CEO?" Well, given that Harry was such a big shot, she reluctantly agreed! "Then I will try a fall with her! Let's wait and see!"

"Well, keep an eye on Harry for me!" Yolanda said hypocritically. "Bitch is bitch." She thought, "When I get to A Country, you all fuck off!"

"Don't worry!" Julie decided to go and pick a few more clothes, sexy ones! "Yolanda, who always pretended to be noble, would certainly not wear sexy clothes, so I will make Harry change his taste!" Julie thought, "As for the woman Yolanda spoke of, it depends! If she does not stand in my way, I'll leave her alone. Otherwise, I'll kick her out of the company!"

In SL Group.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, the human resources manager called to inform Lola that a candidate for the general manager had arrived at the company and the candidate had good qualifications and rich working experience!

There had been loads of candidates for the position these days. Nearly all of them were weeded out by the human resources department.

The only two that Lola had interviewed was denied by her. Upon hearing that this one was well-qualified, Lola told the human resources manager to guide the candidate directly to her office.

Five minutes later, Lola heard the knock at her office door.

"Come in, please!" Lola saved the document in the computer and cast a look at the woman who came in.

She was dressed in a white short jacket, a red package hip skirt, black silk stockings, and black stilettoes.

"Hello! I come to apply for the general manager of the company!" The woman looked pretty and coquettish, but she was very polite.

"Hello, sit down please!" Lola closed the folder in front of her, stood up and sat down on the sofa opposite the woman.

Lola sized her up in a natural way. The most outstanding shortcoming was her flirtatiousness. The biggest advantage was he

er anger.

Without a hint of modesty, the man said, "Indeed. But you should not stand me up. If you do, all employees will work overtime in the next half month!" What an unscrupulous threat!

Lola tried to subdue her fury and looked at the evil but charming man. How should she refuse such an invitation of her boss?

"Boss Si, threatening your subordinate like that, aren't you afraid of rebellion?" She stood up with a sneer, tapped the desk... gently... for she dared not punch hard!

He touched the woman's bangs. "If you dare to rebel, I have plenty of ways to bring you under control!" Harry stared at the feigned calmness on Lola's face. He really wanted to see what this mature woman was like when she was pissed off.

"Well, Boss Si, see you then!" Lola snapped out a few words, restraining herself from flinging the folder on his face. Lola knew that she would play into Harry's hands if she threw a temper.

Damn it! Harry, the beast, inviting her like that, would talk about anything other than bullshit? Bah, she was not a teenage girl!

She would go there, but she must try every means to protect herself.

"See you then!" The man gave her a kiss on the lips and left with satisfaction. Lola rubbed her mouth frantically. Motherfucker, stealing a kiss from her every day!

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