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   Chapter 108 Bitch is Bitchy

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7565

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Secretaries were all busy. Seeing Lola approaching, Joey nodded to her politely and then went back to work.

Lola responded him with a smile. Then she knocked on the door.

"Come in." The familiar sound arose. She opened the door and got in.

"Boss." Lola greeted Harry, who was bending over his work, out of courtesy.

"What's wrong?" Harry lifted his head to get a glimpse of Lola. Then he bent over his work again. He didn't think she was there to thank him. Sure enough...

"Boss. I have an idea." Lola thought what she was gonna say was necessary.

"Go ahead."

"We can recruit a new person as General Manager. As for Vice General Manager, we can promote one of our department managers to this position." By this way, she wouldn't be the only one get promoted, and others in the company can distract their attention from her. What's more, someone who was really competent could get a chance.

"Any candidate?" Harry asked while signing the document.

"Yes. Jeremy Duan, the manager of Design Department. Although he is just two years older than me, he has been working in company for eight years. He is quite familiar with company's business. Besides, he is really good at management." Jeremy was a humble man. He once helped Lola a lot when she was in difficulty.

Lola had been wanting to return his favors. Moreover, Jeremy was indeed qualified to be the Vice General Manager.

"Ok. I will ask the HR Department to issue your promotions by tomorrow." Lola was astonished by Harry's decisiveness. It seemed Harry trusted her very much. She didn't know was she supposed to be happy with that.

"Thank you, Boss. Thanks for your time!" Lola turned around, planning to leave. "Wait, Miss Li." Harry put his pen down and stood up.

Seeing Harry standing up, Lola had a bad feeling. She wanted to flee away.

She moved steps to the doorway. But Harry strode forward, passed her and closed the door.


At that moment, Lola thought herself was a stupid rabbit that came to a wolf willingly.

"Boss Si, is there anything I can do for you?" She told herself to be calm. If he dared to offend her again, she would surely give him a crisp slap.

"Yes, of course. I promoted you. Do you have some rewards for me? Miss Li?" Harry gave L

at bitch, came to work in Harry's company again and was promoted to the deputy CEO.

Hearing Yolanda's words, Julie displayed a surprised expression, "SL Group is looking for a General Manager?" That was a good opportunity.

"Yes. Since you have been a Vice President in Wall Street before, I think you are totally qualified to be a general manager!" Yolanda replied. She regretted not majoring in something like economic administration. Otherwise, she already kicked those bitches away from Harry by herself.

Julie was no stupid. She knew Yolanda would never let any woman approach his fiance, let alone her, a woman who was good at flirting with men. She must pay for it!

"What do you want from me?" Julie asked. She was planning to agree on whatever Yolanda was gonna say. Because Harry Si was such an irresistible lure for her. She would never give up any chance to approach Harry Si. "Yolanda Mo, don't blame me for seducing your fiance by then. Ha...ha..." Julie thought.

"There is a bitch working in Harry's company. She has been seducing Harry for years and was promoted to the deputy CEO today. I think you know what to do... I would rather have you as my rival than anybody else!" Yolanda said. Julie Tan was notoriously dissolute. Yolanda was sure Harry would never hook up with that kind of woman.

"So how about tempting Julie Tan to join in Harry's company and letting Julie Tan and Lola Li fight against each other? I would be the real beneficiary by then." Yolanda was gloating.

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