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   Chapter 107 Promotion and Pay Raise

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7358

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Lola was so embarrassed that she pinched Harry's waist sharply. But it was too late to do so.

Harold and Angie had got out of the car and Angie walked up to the kissing couple with a serious face.

She had recognized that figure. It could be no one else but her daughter.

Harry didn't release Lola until he felt someone had approached them.

Lola felt so awkward and felt like digging a hole to hide in when she recognized Angie. Being caught on the spot, she could not keep her head up, but greeted Angie in a weak voice, "Mother ."

Lola blushed with shame. Angie didn't look at Lola, but stared at Harry angrily. "Good evening, madam." Harry greeted Angie in a polite manner and nodded to Harold who was standing not far away from him.

"Who are you?" Angie asked. She still stared at Harry grimly. Had been living in the army for such a long time, she was accustomed to act this way. People would show their weakness when facing her. But when it came to Harry, things would be different.

Harry didn't expect that he would be dragged into his car when he was about to introduce himself. He had no idea when Lola had opened the door of his car, nor did he thought that Lola should have such great strength to shove him into his car.

Lola locked the door of the car and walked hand in hand with Angie towards home and explained, "Mother, that man is just my boss. Don't get me wrong. Let's go home."

Harry already had a dirty look when he was dragged into the car. He became livid when heard Lola's words and thought, "I'm only your boss? Don't get you wrong? Fine, Lola! I will change your malicious mind."

Lola got in Harold's car with her mother. "Lola, is that your new boyfriend?" Angie asked. Her face was not that cold now. She understood that it was natural for her daughter to get a new boyfriend, but this time, she would like to play her role as a mother to avoid a failed marriage.

"Mother, no, he is my boss..." Lola replied diffidently. She was not sure whether she should tell her parents that Harry was the birth father of Nicole. "How could a boss take advantage of his subordinate right in front of his subordinate's house? Lola, don't be tricked by him." Ang

es of new general manager and vice general manager. Qualified candidates must pass the interview of the new deputy CEO. That's all for today. Any questions, come for me after the meeting." Harry said. He then left the room directly.

Tongues wagged. Theron and Jack hurried to check the portfolio on the desk.

Inside were the joint report from some female employees against Jack and evidence of bribery about Theron, which made the two speechless.

Firing two executives and promoting Lola to deputy CEO in less than three minutes' meeting. That was Harry's style.

Following Harry, Joey admired Harry in his heart and finally got to know the reason why Harry was so busy recently.

Lola was baffled by the sudden promotion and left the meeting room under the envious and jealous gazes of others.

In that afternoon, Lola moved to the deputy CEO office with the help of Leo.

Looking at the empty office of deputy CEO, Lola felt very complicated.

Workplace was like battlefield. It was possible that she would be fired from a high position someday. Jack was one of the examples. Actually, Jack intended to harass her one year ago. But she got away decisively.

Afterwards, Jack wanted to find fault with her to fire her. But she always behaved herself well and never gave him a chance to do so. She never expected that Harry would get things clear soon after he took office.

Thinking for a while, Lola decided to go upstairs and talked to Harry.

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