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   Chapter 106 This Son of A Bitch

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Daring not look directly at Jordan's sharp eyes, Wendy twisted her head sideways. Hearing what Jordan said next, she almost went crazy!

"You must be responsible for me!"


Twenty minutes later, Jordan stood next to his luxury car downstairs.

Janne Zhang, who was gossiping with others, immediately came over. "Hello. How is your talk?"

"Well, aunt, I will ask my parents to propose marriage in two days. You can bring up any requirements if you like." Jordan nodded politely at Janne Zhang and left.

Within a couple of minutes, the news that Wendy was marrying a handsome army man traveled far and wide throughout the northern district of D City.

Wendy spoke to Lola on the phone, "Lola, I have accepted your brother's proposal. Don't worry!" When she saw her mother coming in with joy, Wendy knew she must have met the man downstairs.

Lola had just returned to the villa. When she heard the good news, all the gloom in her heart was swept away.

"Alright, you are going to be my sister-in-law soon!"

Wendy cannot help but complain, "You silly girl, how did you force your brother to propose?" Shaking her head, Wendy assured herself that the man should be a straightforward person.

"No, you have wronged me. My brother readily agreed when I touched on that. It seems that he has a very good impression of you." As she hadn't had a good rest for a long time, Lola felt more comfortable in bed than ever.

"Well, enough about me. What about you and him?" Wendy received a message from Lola the day before yesterday, saying that her ex-husband appeared in A Country.

"Don't mention him. I want to strangle that son of bitch." He had been playing hanky-panky with both her and his fiancée!

Lola was so sleepy that she decided not go downstairs for dinner.

What about Nicole? Mom and dad were not at home, let Joseph take care of her! When it comes to Nicole, this younger brother had been a real help to Lola!

"All right! Then we will talk about it next time. My mother just came back, and I have to speak to her." Wendy hung up the phone in haste, pulled Janne Zhang to her,

e fixed her eyes upon this powerful man, feeling very complicated.

However, she had to admit that his charm was absolutely irresistible! She was only silent for a while and came to him.

"Go with me!" He landed his hand on her shoulder and led her into the car.

Lola freed herself on the spot. "Boss Si, what's up?" This man was too shameless. How could he come and take her away after promising Yolanda that he would not be with Lola? What did he take her for?

Harry looked at Lola, who wore a jacket over pajamas. He tried to put his long arm on her shoulder again but was shunned by her.

After several times, Harry lost his patience. He pulled her to himself and threw his arms around her.

Lola could not make out what the man was thinking every day. He cursed her as a vicious woman time and time again, while he kept on pestering her every day.

She was about to speak, when he kissed her on the lips. This son of a bitch! Lola pushed against his chest with both arms, trying to shove him away. No matter how hard she tried, the men did not move.

Under the dim light, the man held the woman in his arms. An approaching military vehicle was flashing its headlights from a distance. Lola thought to herself, "Shoot!" Since big brother had gone to D City and the younger brother was at home, it could be no other than her father and mother who appeared so late at the gate of the Li family...

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