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   Chapter 105 I Am Here to Propose You

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7263

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"Mr. CEO!" Joey prepared for the worst, took a deep breath and then got in the CEO office.

Harry was still upset about what happened yesterday when Joey showed up with a giggle. Poor Joey naturally became Harry's punching bag as before.

"What's funny? Share with me."

"Eh... Boss, are you sure you wanna hear it?" Feeling awkward, Joey coughed and thought. Then he reported obediently, "I am not happy. On the contrary, I feel sad. It is said that General Manager went back to her office with tears yesterday. Everyone in the office were cursing the jerk that let their Goddess down!" Joey lowered his voice when he mumbled the word "jerk", but Harry still got it.

Speaking of what happened yesterday, Harry pulled a long face immediately. "You got time to stroll to the Design Department. How idle you are! How about that you treat all staff to coffee this noon in the name of the company. No refund!"

The last two words devastated Joey. No refund! SL Group had more than one thousand employees in A Country. That was to say, he had to pay over ten thousand dollars.

"Boss?..." Joey wanted to beg for mercy. But he dared not. Because from what he knew of his Boss, begging would only incur severer punishment. So he just curled his lower lip and then went out for coffee.

Seeing Joey walking out of the office, Harry stood up from his executive chair restlessly, haunted by Lola's sad expression yesterday.

In the kindergarten.

Lola and Joseph were holding Nicole's hands and running with her. "Come on, Nicole!" Nicole got a lot of little fans, who were cheering for her.

Suddenly, Joseph scooped Nicole up and then raced to the end, put their rag doll into the box there.

The game rule was: Kids and parents make a rag doll together and then put it into the box at the end. The fastest one will be the winner.

The moment Nicole put their rag doll into the box, she burst into a scream jubilantly, "Yeah! We are the first!"

Kids were envious of Nicole to have such a beautiful mom and a handsome uncle. When Joseph showed up at first, many parents recognized him. Young mothers surged towards him excitedly.

They kept follow

la had already told her about her new family two years ago.

"Yes, I am." Jordan nodded.

Then Wendy picked those gifts on the table up and shoved them all into Jordan's hands, "You can leave now. I don't want to be Lola's sister-in-law. Being her best friend is just fine!"

Jordan felt embarrassed. He had never been refused by women. Not to mention that she refused his proposal.

"Come on, Wendy. I know you need money now. There is something wrong with your mother's legs, so she can't work. But your brother needs tuition. Are you sure you are going to refuse me?" Jordan was trying to persuade Wendy. "If you marry me. I can send your brother to a top university and find the best doctor for your mom." He added.

... Jordan seemed to know every difficulty of her family. Hearing Jordan's words, Wendy was so angry that she almost wanted to slap him, "Did Lola tell you all these?"

"No. She just told me you are a good woman. I shouldn't fail you." Jordan looked sincere. His honesty amused Wendy. She knew Lola did that out of good intention.

Wendy walked to a stool and sat down, resting her forehead on her hand. She didn't know what to say and opened her mouth after a long while. "Don't worry. I am good now. Please leave and don't forget to express my thanks to Lola!"

It seemed Wendy wasn't bought by what Jordan just said. Jordan felt a little frustrated. He walked closer to Wendy, bent his head and gazed at her.

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