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   Chapter 104 I'm Not Going to Be With Her

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6859

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"You'll know what your father looks like when you see him. I'm getting up. You may wait a second, OK?" Lola Li ran her fingers through her hair and sat up in bed. Well, she felt quite sleepy...

Nicole Li shook her head and got herself out of bed. She knew her mother was busy and she went to her nanny Mrs. Yuan.

Lola Li felt relieved when she saw her docile daughter. She was really thoughtful.

Lola remembered that when she was about to wean her daughter, she held the baby and said, "Nicole is a big girl now. A big girl doesn't drink breast milk." Nicole nodded obediently and she hadn't ever drunk breast milk from then on.

Without breast milk at night, she somehow felt emotionally insecure. She woke up several times a night, but she didn't ask for it.

Lola Li was greatly touched when her baby neither cried nor protested. Joy welled up in her heart every time she thought of her daughter. Nicole was truly her sweet heart!

It was almost half past seven after she fed Nicole at breakfast. Lola asked Joseph to take Nicole to the kindergarten first, while she went upstairs to get herself changed.

Joseph seated Nicole in the child car seat and buckled her up. Then he moved onto the driving seat and set off.

Harry was waiting out of the Li's Manor twenty minutes ahead of time.

He paid little attention when he saw a car coming out. But when the little girl in the back seat smiled at him, his heart rate was skyrocketing.

Though casting one glance, Harry was impressed

By her round face, big black eyes, small mouth and straight teeth. Even he was far apart, he could see the girl in a pink blouse through the car window. What a cute girl she was!

If Lola Li hadn't had the induced abortion, his child would have been older than this girl!

He noticed Joseph on the driving seat. Was that girl the goddaughter of Lola Li? No, it was weird.

Lola Li came out of the villa and it took her all of ten minutes to reach the gate. It was already twenty-five to eight. She was five minutes late.


in confusion.

They were surprised to see the general manager with beads of tears. It had been three years since Boss Li worked in this company. In everyone's heart, she was the Iron Lady, who was calm, elegant, gorgeous and highly competent, as well as the dream lover of many men.

Such an episode created quite a stir in the company when all offices are abuzz with discussions. Besides, Lola Li didn't show up in the company the following day because she went to Nicole's kindergarten for its activity. Discussions went even more exaggerated.

"Miss Li must have been crossed in love. Everyone in the Design Department had witnessed tears in her eyes!"

"Yeah. And she didn't even come to work today. Something must be wrong."

"Well, how nice Miss Li is! How could that jerk cheat on her?"

"You're right. Miss Li is our Aphrodite! The jerk should go to hell!"


Joey, who was just passing by, twitched his mouth. The CEO was taken for a jerk by his subordinates. But that was funny, aha! He couldn't help laughing.

He was so amused that he was still giggling when he returned to his desk.

Unfortunately, the door of CEO office was open. Harry immediately saw that.

"Joey!" Upon hearing the boss calling him, Joey stopped giggling and put on a serious look.

All secretaries were amazed by his sudden change of facial expression!

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