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   Chapter 103 If You Dare to Say No

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6675

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Lola was always dazzling. How could he not see her? But he shrank back at the sight of the man by her side.

"Zoe!" A familiar voice came from behind. Of course Zoe knew who it was!

"Lola!" He put on a big smile. It had been four years that they didn't see each other, while she was more attractive than before. Zoe wanted to give her a hug. But he resisted the impulse to do so.

"Zoe, it's really you!" Excited to see her bestie, Lola went up and embraced him.

Zoe stiffened and put his arms around her.

In just half a second, Lola loosened her embrace. Looking at his empty embrace, Zoe felt a sense of loss.

"Why are you here?" The woman flashed a bright smile at him and asked curiously.

"I... To be brief, the cocktail party tonight is held by my father. And I took over from him two years ago." Zoe was in fact the illegitimate son of Johnson Lu, a commercial giant in A Country. He found his legitimate son was not to be relied upon. Therefore, he had forced Zoe to take charge of his company a few years ago.

"You're Johnson Lu's son? I've been in A Country for four years but I've never seen you!" Lola asked curiously. It made no sense. She had been in the business world for three years. They should have come across each other.

Zoe sipped at his red wine with a self-deprecating smile.

"I'm not only a bastard but also a puppet!" The only thing he needed to do was to sit quietly in the CEO office every day. He was an out-and-out puppet that was manipulated by Johnson Lu. He just occupied the post, and everything was decided by Johnson Lu.

"What?" Lola gave him a sad look. "I have been in SL group for three years. Everything is okay." They sat side by side with their back to the party.

"Well, you... are together with him again?" Zoe looked at her cheerless expression. Lola shook her head. Relieved, Zoe clinked his glass against hers for a toast.

They exchanged their contacts. After a quarter of an hour, Harry found them. When he

d and entered the study. Lola went to Nicole's room.

She had spent less time with her daughter recently. With a sense of guilt, she carried her sleeping daughter to her big bed.

Nicole rolled over and fell into sleep again. Lola looked at her daughter's little face, smiling with satisfaction. In fact, she was already content to have Nicole. As for Harry ... let it go!

The next morning, Lola was awakened by her daughter's kisses. She took a look at her cell phone. It was only six o'clock. This little girl woke up so early.

"Mommy, you're late for work!" Nicole sat up in bed and looked at her mommy, who was so pretty!! And she kissed Lola on the cheek again.

"Well, my sweet Nicole, would you like to sleep a little longer?" Lola held her chubby daughter in her arms and kissed her.

Nicole shook her head. "Mommy, do you forget to tell me where daddy is?" She kept this question in her little brain, for she really wanted to see her daddy.

Lola got sobered when she heard Nicole's question. "Your daddy has gone abroad to earn money for you, and he will come back soon!" She could only make up such an excuse. Oh, the man said he would pick her up at seven thirty!

"What does daddy look like? Is he the man on mommy's phone?" Her phone? Oh, she did keep some pictures of Harry in her cell phone...

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