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   Chapter 102 Who Was That Child

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"Do you think I dare not? I have attempted to kill your fiancée. Do you think it's appropriate if she see you holding me?" She disdainfully glanced at the man who was holding her, and gave up the struggle.

"Woman! It will do you no good to piss me off!" He warned her furiously, squeezing her chin.

"Well, " she slapped off his big hand, broke free from his arms and said with a smile, "Boss Si, please behave yourself at the company from now on!"

Behave myself? "Are you sure you are not going tonight?"

"Yes!" She answered bluntly and looked straight into his eyes with a smile.

Very good! The man looked at her and said, "Miss Li disobeys her boss and will work overtime with all the staff tonight. And the following one week!" His cold and expressionless face grew even colder after saying these words.

"What the fuck! Working overtime for a week with everyone in the company?" Lola cursed in the bottom of her heart. That would make her the public enemy! Forget it, a little woman knows when to yield and when not! "No, I'll go!"

Good! Wasn't it just a party? He would not eat her anyway.

"That's it. Miss Li, you can go back to work now. Please come to my office at 6 pm on time!" Satisfied, he kissed her on her lips while she was off guard, and went back to his computer as if nothing had happened.

"Damn you! Coming on to me!" Lola thought, "I should have taken a photo and sent it to your fiancée!"

She straightened her clothes and stomped angrily out of the CEO office in high heels.

The secretaries were puzzled to look at Lola, who seemed abnormal every time she came out from the CEO office...

Lola was filled with fury when she returned to her office. This man had tried every means to come on to her since he appeared again. Didn't she have other advantages to attract him?

At 5:55 pm, she walked out of her office after telling her mom what's

ress. She looked white and delicate in pink.

Lola looked at herself in the mirror. She would turn twenty-seven soon. Was it really appropriate to wear such color?

When Lola appeared at the cocktail party, she amazed everyone. The sensation she caused even outshined Yolanda and Harry.

Several high officials of A Country were invited, while others were company executives. Theron was surprised to see Lola appeared together with Harry Si.

It seemed that they really knew each other before. But as the deputy CEO, he couldn't gossip about them!

Theron greeted them, arm in arm with his date. Lola looked at Theron in embarrassment, while Theron winked at her to make her relieved...

Halfway through the party, the greetings were not over yet and Lola still stayed with the man. Her face went stiff as she had to put on smile all the time. She had been thinking about how to escape from them.

Suddenly, Lola caught sight of a familiar figure. She took a closer look and found that it was Zoe Lu!

When Harry was exchanging greetings with other company's CEOs, Lola whispered in his ear, "Excuse me for a second." Harry glanced at her and released her arms.

Zoe, dressed in a formal suit, holding a red wine glass, was sitting in a corner.

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