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   Chapter 100 Miss Li, Please Behave Yourself

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6315

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"Miss Li, please behave yourself!" Harry said quietly. His tit for tat almost provoked Lola.

She quickly jumped out of his arms. Joey could hardly hold back his laughter. Lola watched those two outside the elevator looking at her with confusion.

"Sorry, Boss Si, I just stumbled." Lola calmly straightened her uniform, as if nothing had happened. Her words were a relief to the two colleagues. Fortunately, their Manager Li was not a woman lacking in self-respect.

Well, good job, Lola! Harry put his hands into his trousers pockets and looked at the blushed woman from the side.

"Are you going to take the elevator?" Lola looked at two colleagues and asked with a smile.


After walking out of the elevator, Lola kept distance from Harry right away and headed to the canteen. It was lunchtime, and the canteen was full of diners. Lola joined a line.

The footsteps behind her sounded familiar. She knew it was the damned man! "Are you not the CEO?" Lola thought, "Why do you stand in queue? Why don't you let Joey do it for you? You did that deliberately!"

Seeing the boss, Theron came over with the canteen manager, and introduced the present situation of the canteen.

Lola picked two vegetarian dishes, two meat dishes and a bowl of rice, and then found a seat.

Hardly had she took a second step, she heard the man behind her said, "The same as Miss Li!"

"What the hell! Mr. CEO, are you trying to set a trap for me?

The same as me? Why don't you eat with me?"

The moment she sat down, Harry sat opposite her. Fortunately, there were also Theron and several other managers.

The handsome Harry who was eating food elegantly attracted the admiration of quite a few female colleagues. Both Harry and Lola were so good-looking that many colleagues frequently looked over here.

Sitting opposite Lola, Harry had no appetite. After the me

d out her full name. And his voice was so pleasant.

She kept silent and it was quiet in the car. She looked out at the people coming and going in the evening lights.

"I actually let a vicious woman who have hurt my fiancee get away for four years. Am I too kind to her?" The man suddenly moved closer to her and pinched her chin to made her look at him.

Looking at his expressionless face, she sniffed. "Boss Si, so you come to A Country to avenge your fiancee?" Her heart ached. It turned out that he had always held a grudge against her.

He appeared in A Country like a flash to avenge his fiancee! Oh, she could do nothing but ridicule herself.

Noticing the disdain on the woman's face, Harry cupped her face in both hands. The woman's face was distorted by his squeeze, which Harry found a little funny.

Lola slapped the big hand of the man, who did not move. Then he moved his hand to her shoulder and held her tightly.

The car was in dead silence, and the noise outside had nothing to do with them. He just wanted to hug her and stay with her in that way forever.

After a long time, the man loosened his hand and Lola bit into his arm. While the man was distracted, she quickly opened the door and slammed it before she fled.

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