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   Chapter 99 Boss Si, Please Behave Yourself

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6478

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Lola nodded. Then she opened the office door and got in.

Looking at Lola's back, Joey got lost in thought, "She is really not the same as before. How can a woman change so much in just four years?"

Harry was standing by the French window and overlooking the prosperous scene of A Country. Hearing the office door was opened, he knew it was Lola without turning back.

Looking at Harry's profile which couldn't be more familiar to her, Lola felt a sudden pang of grief. He looked more mature and charming than he was four years ago.

Over the past four years, Lola had seen Harry on the Internet. Every time she saw him, she felt heartbroken.

"Boss Si, what's wrong with the financial data?" She took a deep breath, trying to make herself sound professional.

Harry turned back and gazed at her. With the radiance in his eyes, he looked like a hungry wolf staring at its prey.

Harry's direct gaze embarrassed Lola. She bent her head and opened the file in the hands to avoid his gaze.

Then Harry, with his hands in his pockets, started walking to Lola arrogantly. Lola couldn't help stepping backwards as Harry approached.

Harry stop somewhere close enough to Lola. His eyes had been focusing on her, who looked more mature and attractive than she was four years ago.

But her features was still as delicate as before. Harry was almost charmed by her.

"It was totally wrong everywhere." Harry replied while observing Lola's facial expression.

Lola smile lightly, "If so, I am going to check all data again!"

"Shit! This troublemaker is picking on me!" Lola cursed.

Hearing that, Harry arched his eyebrow out of amazement. If it was four years ago, she would have already lost her temper and threw the file away. But she just smiled and said she would re-check the data. She grew up a lot indeed.

"Take your time." Harry pinched Lola's pointy chin up and forced her to look at him.

The man she had bee

to Wendy.

Then she stepped to her desk, opened the laptop and set to work.

"All right. I will take care of Nicole!" Joseph was willing to do that cause his little niece was so adorable. He wanted to have a daughter as cute as Nicole with Lillian in the future.

It was nooning when Lola hung up the phone. But she was not in the mood for lunch.

At that moment, a message from Joey popped up on her screen, "All executives come to canteen for lunch. Our CEO wants to check how the canteen is running."

Lola rubbed her hair. "Shit! Why that guy always goes against me?" She thought irritably.

She picked up her mobile phone and meal card and then headed to the canteen.

The elevator opened. Harry and Joey were standing inside and looking at her. What the hell!

"What should I do?" Lola thought. She was going to be driven crazy. Joey turned his head aside to conceal his grin. But his shaking body gave him away.

She moved one step backwards. She decided not to get in.

Harry pressed the Door Open button the second before the elevator closed. Then he yanked Lola in.

Lola lost her balance and tumbled into Harry's arms.


The elevator was pressed open again by two female colleagues seconds later. Seeing Lola in CEO's arms, they were all slack-jawed.

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