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   Chapter 98 Welcome, Boss Si

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6820

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"What's the matter with Lola Li today?" Theron was not in the mood, thinking about what was going on.

"What's the matter? I guess the CEO and the general manager should know each other," said Susan Du, the human resources manager. It was a woman's sixth sense.

"You don't know about it! Lola Li used to be a big star in D City. At that time, Lola Li, Harry Si and Yolanda Mo were often on the entertainment news. Then Lola Li quit the entertainment circle and disappeared completely." Jenna Zhong, the public relations manager, said mysteriously. She had recognized Lola Li long ago, but never told anyone.

"Really? I have never thought that Manager Li was a star before! But, with such a good-looking face, she is totally qualified to be a star!" said Jack Chang, the deputy general manager, a man in his forties who had always been impressed by Lola's appearance.

The executives talked about Harry and Lola for a long time. The final conclusion was: "The CEO was too frightful to be provoked, and Lola Li, who had a relationship with him, cannot be provoked either."

The next morning.

Lola got up very early. She took a look at her sleeping daughter before she started washing and makeup.

It was the first day that Harry assumed office. All the staff should arrive half an hour early to do the preparatory work. Lola must get there earlier than they do and have things ready.

She told Joseph to send Nicole to school, then left home in a hurry.

She speeded up her car to the company and parked it at an empty parking space. Walking in the 2-inch high heels, the tall and professional Lola exchanged greetings with her subordinates.

"Miss Li, good morning!"

"Good morning!"

"Good morning, Miss Li!"

"Morning!" Lola walked into the general manager's office.

She called in her assistant Leo Zhu and told him the schedule. "The new CEO will come soon. The company must be clean and tidy. The staff must greet the CEO simultaneously. And move a few green plants to the CEO's office! Last, inform a

as on the left side of the CEO's seat...

Jack Chang pushed several folders to Lola, as if they were hot potatoes.

"Begin!" Harry threw a glance at the woman sitting by his side.

Lola stood up, walked to the stage, and turned on the projector. A series of data appeared on the white wall.

"This is the company earnings in the past six months, five percentage points greater than the corresponding period of last year..." Lola's introduction echoed in the quiet conference room until the meeting ended three hours later.

The executives walked out of the conference room, wiping their sweat and whispering that they were going to have a harsh time working with the new CEO.

Poker face; domineering and bossy; Asura from hell; cold and aloof; vigorous and resolute... These were all remarks about him.

Lola turned off the projector and was ready to leave the conference room.

"Miss Li, come to my office. The financial data is problematic." Harry gave an order and left the conference room directly. The two managers who had not left yet cast a sympathetic glance at Lola.

Lola rolled her eyes behind the man and dragged her feet to the CEO's office.

Joey had already found his place in the secretary division and was pulling stuff out of his briefcase. Seeing Lola, he said, "Miss Li, Boss Si is waiting for you in the office."

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