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   Chapter 97 Sorry, I Can't Drink

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7149

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Four years. They had been engaged for four years! Harry delayed the wedding again and again no matter how their families urged him.

At that moment, Yolanda realized Harry had never forgotten that woman.

She clenched her fists. "Then let that woman disappear for good." she sneered.

Lola was called over to the conference room for an emergency management meeting the second after she arrived at the company by the deputy CEO Theron Xing.

Seeing all executives were present, Theron Xing went straight to the point, "The CEO of SL Group, our big Boss, Harry Si is coming to take over the company as CEO. Please get yourself ready.

He looked round the whole meeting room and added, "I have seen Boss Si twice. He is demanding and hard to get along with. His cold eyes and poker face can freeze you even miles away. So you'd better be on the ball after his arrival!" Seeing all people displaying a terrified look after hearing his words, he smirked.

"When will him take office?" A manager raised a question which all the others concerned. They were all wondering how many peaceful days left.

"Very soon. Boss Si is handing over his work in D City. According to his high work efficiency, I think he will arrive here within three days!" Speaking of that, he was thinking was there anything he didn't do well in. If so, he needed to make up for it as soon as possible.

"Miss Li!" Theron called Lola who kept silent throughout and looked distracted. "Yes, Mr. Xing."

"Prepare a banquet to welcome our CEO. All people here will attend. Get moving." Theron ordered. Theron's unprecedented cautious attitude made everyone panic in the following days.

After the meeting, Lola came back to her office and sat down. "Take office within three days? How come our calm boss became so eager? Now that Harry Si is coming with Yolanda Mo, I will face them!" She sneered.

In order to make herself stronger, she had been working hard since she joined in SL Group three years ago. Luckily, the former Acting President thought highly of her competency and promoted her to General Manager.

The show was going to be on soon.

to follow Theron, When Harry called her, "Miss Li, how about getting in for a chat?" Harry was leaning against the door of the Maybach and squinting at Yolanda who looked more mature than she was four years ago.

"No. Boss Si, you'd better have a good rest!" Lola refused without turning back to him.

Hearing that, Harry just smiled without saying anything further. Since he had been in A Country now, he had a lot of time.

Then they saw Theron running out of the hotel hall with Harry's mobile phone in his hand. The mobile phone was ringing.

"Boss Si, someone called Yolanda keeps calling you!" Harry threw a clod glance at him. Theron realized he shouldn't have watched Boss's privacy.

Hearing what Theron just said, Lola went straight to her BMW parked nearby and left despite that the big Boss was still standing there.

Theron was more confused with a little anger. "What the hell is wrong with Lola Li today? She has been so impolite to the big Boss." He thought.

Harry hung up the phone indifferently. Then he got in the Maybach after Lola's car ran out of his sight. "Goodbye, Boss Si. Have a good rest!" Theron waved at Harry.

After seeing big Boss off, Theron went back to the private room cause other managers were still there.

They were devouring food. They didn't dare to eat with abandon in front of the big Boss. Now, since the Boss had left, they finally could fill their belly.

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