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   Chapter 96 A Flash In the Pan

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Landon Li cleared his throat and said, "Today, on my birthday banquet, I would like to introduce to you my granddaughter, who has been missing for more than twenty years. Now let's welcome her."

In rapturous applause, a woman in a court-style off-the-shoulder dress came out and amazed everyone.

In the live broadcast of the media, the camera was focused on the woman. Her slim and well-shaped body was tightly wrapped in a white lace fishtail dress.

The delicate lace fabric was inlaid with several plastic flowers. The soft gauze of the luxurious long train was also sewn with beautiful lace appliques. The pure handmade evening dress was a combination of oriental charm and western fantasy.

The woman had her long hair twisted on top and her ears decorated with delicate white flower earrings. Her face was covered with a light foundation makeup. Her eyelashes looked longer with mascara. And her lips were painted in rose red lipstick.

Her charming face resembled a dazzling and fragrant epiphyllum flower that was in full bloom.

When this fairy-like woman appeared, all the guests were enthralled.

Landon Li was satisfied with the amazement that his granddaughter brought to everyone. His granddaughter must be the best!

He spoke again, "This is my granddaughter, Lola Li. I would be grateful for your care for her!"

"Please don't stand on ceremony. It is our honor to do so."

"Yes, how I envy Harold having such a beautiful daughter!"

"She looks so much like the couple!"

Hearing all the praises, Landon Li laughed heartily. "Lola, say hi to everybody."

"Hello, everyone, I am Lola Li. I'm very glad to meet you. Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend my grandfather's birthday banquet. Thank you!" The woman bent slightly to thank the guests.

"Look, this should be the daughter of an eminent family! Generous and polite."

"Alas, Angie, your daughter is so excellent. I want to bear a daughter!" A comrade

"Yes, the next acting CEO has not yet been determined." Joey answered immediately.

"Go get ready!" The vicious woman, without saying a word, had disappeared from his life for four years. Now that you had turned up, Harry thought, you would be my prey to play with!

Joey nodded with tacit understanding. The boss had been engaged to Yolanda for four years yet had not got married! What did that mean? Joey knew about it more than anyone else! In the future, the woman in the video would be a big shot that he might rely on!

At No. 8 Pearl Spring.

All of a sudden, Harry started to transfer his career to A Country. Yolanda was very puzzled. Watching Harry busy with the handover these days, she felt that there was something wrong.

Until one night, she saw a video, in which the Li family introduced their family member that had been lost for more than twenty years. Yolanda suddenly understood what was going on.

The woman who had disappeared for four years appeared! She was a member of the Li family! Well, what an ascension of status! Joseph was her younger brother, then did Joseph know the true identity of Lola four years ago?

The video had been released just for a few days, and Harry seemed unable to hold himself back, huh... Yolanda sat in front of the dresser, wearing a bitter smile.

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