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   Chapter 95 This Is A Secret

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"Have I ever gossiped about anything?" Samuel asked Eason quietly. "No, right?" He added after seeing Eason nodding. Samuel was not that kind of person.

"But I want to say that if his ex-wife saw him drink like this, she would definitely become furious and throw his cigarette and wine bottles right away." Samuel continued.

"Really?" Eason said. He was so curious that he leaned close to Samuel.

"Joey was not gossipy, right? But even someone like him told Samuel something about Lola. Yolanda had a room in Harry's villa. Harry's ex-wife destroyed everything in that room once. It was Joey who brought the repairer to fix it." Samuel said.

"Is she beautiful? Does she have a rich family?" Eason cut in.

"Yes, she is gorgeous. But her father was set up and her family went bankrupt. Her father disappeared since then." Samuel said.

"So she has a strong character. It's natural that men want to conquer that kind of girls. No wonder Harry would be obsessed with her. He must be very satisfied in sex." The bullshit of Eason indicated that he was a playboy. Samuel ignored Eason's words and continued.

"And there was a time that Harry bought Yolanda a Ferrari. His ex-wife was irritated and told Harry on the spot that if he didn't change the ownership of the car, she would leave him. Harry was not willing to compromise, but conceded finally and asked Joey to change the ownership to his ex-wife after she went away."

"And…" Samuel wanted to say more without noticing that Harry had turned ghastly.

"Samuel, don't you have any work to do?" Harry's warning stopped the gossiping.

"Harry, don't stop him. Your ex-wife is amazing!" Eason said. He enjoyed the gossip while eating chips.

"Bang!" A wine bottle was thrown onto the wall and broke into pieces. The room became silent and the crunch of eating chips disappeared. "Never ever mention her in front of me!" Harry shouted.

He then staggered to the door.

The other three men hurried to hand him and discussed where they should take him to.

The result was E

ressed with a pink princess dress, she acted spoiled. Lola had no reason to refuse her cute daughter.

"No problem. Mommy will sleep with you tonight." Lola replied. She handed Nicole over to Joseph who was sitting in the couch lazily and added: "The stylist had been waiting for mommy for a long time. Have fun with your uncle."

Joseph picked Nicole up immediately, putting her on his legs and asked, "Nicole, can you tell me secretly what you prepared for your great-grandfather?"

"This is a secret!" Nicole replied naughtily, which amused the listeners.

At half past seven pm.

All guests had arrived at the reception room of the villa of Li family. They were basically the heads of administrative departments and armed forces of the nation. Considering that they were important figures of A Country, the media didn't dare to take out their cameras at the very beginning.

Those two authoritative media were told by Landon before the dinner that they should behave themselves, or else, they would get into trouble.

At eight o'clock, Landon, who wore red Mao suits appeared in the middle of the room, handed by Harold and Angie. With some greeting, the guests offered their expensive birthday gifts, which were happily accepted by Landon and handed over to the housekeeper standing by.

Time ticked away. "Now it's the time." Landon thought.

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