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   Chapter 94 Let Bygones Be Bygones

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6785

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"My girl, I am your mother!" Angie Gong, holding Lola's face in both hands, was excited to introduce herself.

Joseph pulled the dumbfounded Lola and whispered a reminder, "Say something!"

Lola looked at Angie Gong and gently let out a sound, "Mother."

Angie hugged Lola tightly in her arms, "My dear daughter, I finally find you!"

Lola looked at the aged Landon Li and called out, "Grandfather!" Landon Li nodded with joy!

Facing Harold Li, Lola hesitated and called out, "Father!" Harold Li responded at once. This was his own daughter, whom he used to hold in his arms when she was a little baby!

The family reunited and everyone was very excited and happy.

Lola stood up from the sofa, for there was something she had to let them know. "I have divorced... and I'm six months... pregnant... If you mind..."

"Not at all! That is my great-grandson! Who would dare to mind?" Landon Li was the first to show his attitude.

"Silly girl, Mom and Dad cannot be happier. We don't mind at all." Angie held Lola's hand, unwilling to let her go.

"Right, you are my sister. If anyone dares to mind that, I will kick his ass!" At last, Joseph realized that another reason why Lola was so familiar to him was that she looked like his big brother!

"What about your foster parents?" Harold Li hoped he could pay them a visit and express his gratitude.

"... I... My mother passed away when I was eight years old, and my father disappeared after a calamity. So, I was alone since then!" She didn't know how her father was now! She was so worried about him!

Hearing the misfortune of Lola's foster family, everyone was silent. "You don't have to worry about it. No news is the best news. I will send someone to D City to look for him." Looking at the sad expression of Lola, Jordan figured that her foster parents must have been very good to her!

Before the plane took off, Lola took a selfie and posted it on her Weibo, with the words: "Let bygones be bygones."

Lola deleted Weibo from her cell pho

ady been consumed.

"Samuel, haven't you always gone to his company? What happened to him? Did the company go bankrupt?" Eason, holding the wine glass, turned his head to look at the indifferent Samuel.

"The company went bankrupt? His company is doing well. It won't go bankrupt even if it earns no money in the next few years." Samuel and Chuck clinked glasses and poured half a glass of wine down their throats.

"So what's wrong with him? Isn't he just engaged? Shouldn't he be in high spirits for such happy event?" Eason snatched the wine glass from Harry's hand.

Samuel read Lola's latest Weibo post, which had been pushed to the hot list. Comments kept popping up but no one had responded. It seemed that Lola had deleted Weibo.

"His ex-wife disappeared." Yes, there's no other reason.

"His ex-wife? How come someone that he is so infatuated with becomes his ex-wife?" This guy was so mean. He didn't tell his good friends anything about his flash marriage and flash divorce!

"He is with Yolanda now!" Chuck opened his tacit mouth. That bitch! Harry was perhaps the only muddlehead!

"... Doesn't he love the actress very much?" Eason couldn't understand who he really loved? Both? Having a wife and a mistress? He was capable indeed, but he was not that kind of person!

Eason's words were followed by a long silence.

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