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   Chapter 93 Someone Who Was Determined to Leave

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 8028

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Lola couldn't understand what the two pictures on the top half of the report meant, but she could definitely understand the words below: Ultrasound report: single live intrauterine pregnancy of about 12 weeks 0 days AOG.

The same result as what the test strip indicated that morning.

Three months... She had been pregnant for three months.

That result was not unbelievable to Lola actually, cause Harry never used condom or allowed her to take contraceptive pills. He wanted her to bear him ten children...

"But what am I supposed to do with this baby?" she was lost in thought.

After checking Lola's report which showed that she and her baby were perfectly healthy, the doctor advised her to eat more nutritious food. Besides, since Lola had an abortion once, the doctor instructed her to take more rests and not to strain herself.

Lola sat on her bed and looked down at the report. She was going to be a mother again.

She wondered if she should tell Harry about the baby.

After a deep consideration, she decided to raise the baby on her own without letting him know. After all, they had divorced. The baby had nothing to do with him.

She had lost one baby before, so she told herself to be more careful this time.

Then she picked her mobile phone up and called her manager. Leaning that Lola want to resign, the manager was astonished. Although Lola was a super star before, she was nice and worked hard. It would be a great pity for her to lose Lola.

Lola just explained that she had some personal stuff to deal with. The manager tried to persuade her. But Lola seemed to be determined. The manager said no more but asked Lola to go there to get her salary.

Harry came to Lola's home someday later. He knocked and knocked but nobody answered.

Afterwards, he encountered Zoe, who came to Lola's home to collecting things, and forced him to tell him where Lola was. Zoe told him Lola had moved away. But he didn't know where Lola was, either.

It was the first time Harry had experienced that anguished feeling when his beloved was missing suddenly. He was deadly depressed.

He realized that someone who professed to leave wouldn't go far actually. But someone who was determined to leave would leave quietly without exchanging goodbyes. Lola was the latter.

Half a month later, Harry and Yolanda got engaged. Their engagement party was luxurio

of it?"

Lola looked at Jordan in a loss. Her brain was in a mess. She didn't know what to say, so she just nodded subconsciously. Seeing her nodding, Jordan stood up immediately and walked out to the yard to make a phone call.

Joseph persuaded Lola to move out to Jordan's villa.

When they came out, the narrow valley was crowded with neighbors who gathered around Jordan's car. Those neighbors all wanted to have a look at that luxury car they could only saw on TV before.

Harry and Yolanda's engagement and her real family made Lola sleepless that night.

Before noon of the next day, Joseph came upstairs and told her their grandfather and parents were all here.

Lola followed Joseph downstairs. Their grandpa, the old man who was always serious before, excitedly stared at Lola walking down.

Their mother Angie, who was in a military uniform, held Harold's hand tightly. That usually serious iron lady became a sentimental loving mother at that moment. She couldn't help crying the moment she saw Lola.

Lola tugged at Joseph's clothes while standing in front of those three elders, "Hello. I am Lola!"

Angie step forwards and held Lola into her arms the next second. It was her daughter that she had been looking for in the past twenty plus years!

"Lola, my girl. I found you finally. Thank God!" Seeing endless tears streaming down Angie's face, Lola lifted hands and responded her...mother's hug gingerly.

She believed that woman was her biological mother, cause the excitement and happiness in that woman's eyes at that moment was so real. Lola was touched.

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