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   Chapter 92 Boiling With Rage

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Harry pondered what the woman meant.

After taking a shower, Harry turned on his cell phone and saw a picture from the little woman in WeChat.

Harry's face took on a ghastly expression. He clenched his cell phone. Even the blue veins were popping out on his skins.

In the picture, he quietly slept in the big bed, without a shred of clothing on...

Damn it! He was fooled by that woman!

Another message, "Boss Si, this is nothing compared to the insult you threw on me! Do you think that I am willing to go to bed with you? Bah! From now on, I just want to live my own life without being disturbed. Please don't bother me again! If you can't guarantee that, then this photo will show up on the front page of entertainment news!"

"Lola, living your own life? In your dreams!" He quickly typed out a few words to send, only to find that he had been blacklisted by her.

Harry turned livid with rage and flung his cell phone onto the wall. The cell phone screen was completely broken. It flashed twice and went out.

Harry picked up his briefcase and strode to the company.

Lola, well done! "Time after time you challenged my bottom line! I would leave no stone unturned to find you and humiliate you every day!"

Harry returned to the company, his face ghastly pale. He went into his office and saw Yolanda sitting on his sofa.

When she saw Harry in such a bad mood, Yolanda wondered if it had something to do with Lola. Last night he was obviously not in the company. She had waited for two hours today before he came back. It was abnormal!

"Harry, what's the matter with you?" She caringly stepped forward and stood in front of his desk, watching Harry rubbing his eyes.

"You go get yourself ready. We will get engaged after I am done with my work!" Seeing the surprise in the eyes of Yolanda, Harry became more agitated!

Yolanda's eyes turned red with excitement, she didn't know what to say. She had waited so long for this day.

She nodded and left the office with her handbag. She intended to question him where he was last night but forgot it.

As long as they got engaged, eve

e end, he forced her to sleep with him. Lola was boiling with rage. What kind of ex-husband was he?

It was getting warmer. Lola came out of the building wearing a thin coat. She hailed a taxi and headed for the hospital.

It had been more than half a month since the last time Harry came to her, but her period hadn't come for a long time...two months? Three months? She could not remember.

Yesterday night, she went to the pharmacy and bought two test strips. She used them the next morning. The result... made her almost break down!

She called the manager to ask for a day off and went to the hospital for a full check.

Although it had been a few months since she left the entertainment circle, Lola was still very easy to be recognized. Wearing a peaked cap and sunglasses, she walked along the wall towards the hospital's obstetrics and gynecology department.

She had phoned in advance to make an appointment. When the doctor called Lola's name, a few patients who are waiting cast their eyes at her. They wanted to know if she was that big star Lola Li. To avoid them, she dived into the examination room.

She entreated the doctor to keep it secret for her!

After the examination, Lola sat on the bench, bowing her head. While waiting for the results, she played with her cell phone.

Within less than five minutes, the doctor called her name again, and she saw the ultrasound report...

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