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   Chapter 91 There Must Be an Explanation

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"Well, nothing else. As I have said, I quit the showbiz." Lola answered briefly. There were things she didn't want to mention nor explain further.

"What about your arm in plaster? Is it all right?" Zoe obviously didn't believe. He took a bite of the steamed bun in his hand, chewed a few times, and gazed at Lola's face. She must be hiding something.

"... I got hurt when I was filming."

"... Because of him?" Zoe switched his hot porridge with the cooled porridge of Lola. His concern towards Lola was revealed naturally.

"Uh... Hey, I've had that!" Lola said a bit weakly.

"Do you have an infectious disease?" Zoe picked up some dishes, which were so yummy!

Lola rolled her eyes at him silently, took the spoon, and drank the hot porridge in the bowl.

"You should take nude pictures of him and threaten him every day!" Zoe looked at the expression of Lola and sighed. After Lola heard the words of Zoe, her gloomy and listless eyes sparkled instantly!

Unaware of the reaction of Lola, Zoe picked up a few dishes into Lola's bowl. "Take time to enjoy your meal. The sky is not falling. Isn't you going out of the entertainment circle? It's all right. If you can't find a job, my girlfriend and I will support you!" He said lightly, but Lola's eyes turned red.

"Oh, Mr. Lu, you're so kind to me. How about I marry you and your girlfriend?" Lola ate the food in her bowl and it tasted much better.

"Good idea! Marrying us, there is absolutely no mistress!" Zoe said half seriously, and half in joke. Lola did not notice his expression, but kept thinking about the words that Zoe had said previously!

Zoe looked at her thoughtful look, and knew that she was not thinking of marrying them. He didn't mind, but finished off the porridge in the bowl.

When Zoe left, Lola mulled over Zoe's proposal all night and thought it would be practicable!

Lola stayed at home every day instead of going anywhere, waiting for her arm to recover.

eart, she was just a cold-hearted passer-by!

However, she had already gone this far, it was impossible to let him go. She could only bite the bullet!

Taking a deep breath, she moved close to him. "Boss Si, you can't be so heartless!" The woman blinked her eyes and complained. Her eyes were full of innocence.

If it were not for the plan she had made for tonight, she would have backed off.

"Heartless, uh? Lola, I didn't put you in prison and let you rot in there! That is because you were my wife!" The man sneered at her.

She bit her lip, and made up her mind. She must make it today.

Sure enough! Seeing that she made a move on him, Harry stood up and walked towards the room door. Lola thought that he was disturbed! How could she let him go easily!

Lola hurriedly rushed at him and put her arms around his waist. "Boss Si, what's the rush?"

Then she saw Harry closed his eyes to hide his lust. She smiled complacently and gave him a kiss. Her final plan actually worked!

The next afternoon when Harry woke up, Lola was not around. He was the only one left in the room.

Usually, it was Lola who was still sleeping after he got up. This time it was the other way around. It seemed that this woman had a lot of energy!

However, she didn't demand or complain about anything...

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