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   Chapter 90 Cancel the Contract

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"What's the matter, Lola?" Joseph was surprised to see how Lola was sitting on the deck, dispirited. How come she was trapped in sorrow when he was absent only for a short while?

"Come on, get up, the deck is cold!" Joseph went to pull the arm of Lola, who groaned out of pain.

"What happened to your arm?" Joseph found that there was something wrong with Lola's arm.

Lola just shook his head, unable to speak a word. "Let's go, I'll take you to the hospital!"

Joseph carried Lola up from the cold deck. Lola, however, suddenly pulled back her weak arm and looked sharply at Joseph.

"Joseph, why do you get close to me and be so nice to me? Do you have the same purpose as they do?" Lola questioned him in a mournful voice, her face expressionless.

Joseph was confused. "What are you saying? What is my purpose?" He looked at Lola, who was in a bad mood. What had just happened...

Lola watched Joseph's puzzled expression. Well, finally there was someone who did not come to her for that.

With Lola's consent, Joseph took her to Chengyang Private Hospital.

The examination showed that Lola's left arm was fractured because of overexertion.

When Lola was discharged from the hospital, Chuck Si was ready to leave work. He was surprised to see the two people leaving the orthopedics department.

Wasn't that woman the recently famous actress as well as Harry's wife? Why was she accompanied by another man in hospital late at night?

Chuck entered the orthopedics department and came out two minutes later. He dialed Harry's phone number. "Harry!"

"Well, what's up?" There was something wrong with the voice over the phone, but Chuck couldn't tell what it was.

"How did your wife break her arm? And why she came with another man?"

There was a long silence on the phone. Just as Chuck thought he would not speak, Harry replied, "I'm divorced." Then the phone was hung up.

Bewildered, Chuck looked at the phone that was hung up. Lightning marriage and lightening divorce! What about the promised grand wedding?

Joseph sent the silent Lola to

r cell phone didn't ring again. Nobody really care about her now, she thought, except Wendy, Zoe and Joseph, perhaps! Well, she was not alone! That was nice!

In the evening, after Zoe got off work, he drove his motorcycle at full throttle to Lola's place.

An unacquainted woman opened the door, Zoe took a look at the house number, which was correct! "Hi, does Lola live in here?"

"Mrs. Ma, let him come in, he is my friend!" There came the voice of Lola, which made Zoe feel relieved.

"Hello, come in, please." Mandy gave way to Zoe at once.

Lola was having dinner at the dining table. Upon seeing Zoe, she said to Mandy, "Mrs. Ma, please get him a seat!"


"Lola, what's going on? You have hired a housemaid?" Zoe sat opposite to Lola, and looked at the two dishes on the table and the porridge in Lola's bowl. They were definitely not made by herself!

"Actually, it is Joseph Li who has hired for me!" Lola kept stirring the porridge in her bowl. It was getting cold, and she had not taken a sip.

At this time, Mandy brought in a bowl of porridge, placed it in front of Zoe and handed him a large steamed bun. "Thank you!"

"You're welcome. Enjoy the meal!" Mandy smiled when she put the porridge down and then went to the kitchen.

"Come on, Lola, what happened? And who is Joseph? The big star, Joseph Li?" When did she have anything to do with Joseph?

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