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   Chapter 89 Ban Lola Li From the Entertainment Circle

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6484

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Lola felt a bit suffocated by the crowd in the ball, so she put down the wine glass and walked out along the edge to the deck to get some fresh air.

The cruise ship off the coast was swaying with the wave below. Lola looked into the darkness faraway, recalling the night she jumped into the sea.

The man who once belonged to her was now enjoying the spotlight with another woman, while she had no other choice but to focus on the filming.

"So there you are." Ignoring the revolting voice from behind, Lola kept looking into the darkness in distance, with her hands on the rail.

"Well? Are you going to kill yourself again?" Yolanda was swirling the wine in her glass, appearing to be in a good mood.

Lola remained silent. Yolanda had totally ruined her moment! Just when Lola was about to leave, Yolanda caught her arm.

"Let go of me!" Lola was disgusted at Yolanda's hand on her wrist. That hand had pushed her downstairs and murdered her child!

The thought drove Lola to shake Yolanda's hand off, but Yolanda didn't let her go. Instead, Yolanda suddenly threw the wine glass into the sea, and climbed over the rail, with one hand still clinging to Lola.

Yolanda was trying to frame her again! Wasn't she afraid of death? Lola got time to react this time, so she took Yolanda's hand at once to stop her.

"Damn! You can take your own life but don't drag me into this!" But Lola failed to stop her. Yolanda climbed over the rail and when she noticed people coming, she deliberately slipped and lost her footing.

"Help! Help me please!" Yolanda grabbed Lola's arm firmly with two hands. Feeling like her arm was dislocated, Lola still hastened to grasp Yolanda with both two hands.

Yolanda couldn't fall. If she did, Lola would never be able to clear her name.

The call for help drew some people's attention and Harry knew immediately that something was going wrong. He rushed over and saw Lola pulling someone

s petrified. Rich and powerful family did have unusual stories!

Lola's weak arms hung down. For her, life was meaningless now that her acting career had ended.

Just then, Harry let her go. "Do you wish to die? No way! I want you stay alive and suffer!" His deep voice was carried away in the sea breeze.

Lola knelt down on the deck, trembling, with her red eyes fixed on Yolanda.

"And do you know why I got married with you?" Harry gave her a dangerous smile and informed her of the truth that she finally came to understand.

"You have something that everyone desires, including Thomas Herren. Or do you think you are really that charming? Interesting." He claimed dismissively, "He just wants that thing from you as everyone does!"

So that was the reason... Lola finally realized that it was her pocket watch that attracted both Harry and Thomas Herren.


"From now on, as long as I'm still breathing in this world, Harry Si and Yolanda Mo are my mortal enemies till the end!" Her voice was a bit hoarse but it was loud enough to make herself heard clearly.

Yolanda left with the support of Harry, followed by those present. Soon only Lola, who was in a trance, was still sitting on the deck alone.

After some time, Lola heard Joseph trotting towards her.

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