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   Chapter 88 The Wrap Party

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"What are you doing in the early morning?" Lola huddled herself up, reluctant to leave her cozy bed.

"What am I doing? Do you know that in less than half an hour, the filming will begin?"

Joseph's words stirred Lola, who sat up from the bed right away. She was going to be late! "Wait for me!"

Lola got out of bed, naked...What happened last night? Lola rubbed her long hair violently. Why was she naked in bed?

She took a few steps and felt well, except that her head was aching and her mouth was a bit dry.

Fifteen minutes later, Lola opened her room door. "Lola, you're not wearing makeup!" Joseph was surprised as if he discovered the new world. Lola feared that Joseph would see the mess in her room, so she pulled him to the elevator.

Lola asked the waitress in the hallway to clean up her room.

"What's wrong about me not wearing makeup? Do I break the law?" Lola answered the question of Joseph after they went into the elevator.

"No, you are so beautiful even without makeup, which is quite rare!" As a man, Joseph was a bit jealous of Lola's fair skin!

"Well, I am born beautiful!" Lola fixed her hair in the mirror.

Hearing Lola's narcissistic reply, Joseph pursed his mouth and said no more.

They arrived at the filming studio in the last two minutes, and the crew had prepared all the equipment and tools for shooting.

When the director saw that they were out of breath, he didn't say anything and started shooting.

In A Country, it took them a week to finish the shooting, all going well.

On the night before Lola left, Thomas appeared again. He said, "Lola, there are a couple of people who are looking for you. When you are back to D City, don't hang out too often, and hide your important belongings."

"... Do you know why they are looking for me?" Lola gazed at him, who Lola thought had the same purpose as the other people who approached her! What was so special about her that the President would cond

nt Joseph her location and then put on a simple make-up. She took out the winter evening dress that she prepared before. The neck of the rice white dress was embroidered with a bowknot, which looked mature and elegant.

And after she put on a long down jacket, she got a call from Joseph.

They were all public figures and it was inconvenient to go in and out of crowded places like hotel. So the ball party was held on a luxurious cruise ship.

In the dark, the cruise ship was bedecked rather brightly. The director stood at the entrance to check everyone that was going aboard.

When Lola and Joseph arrived at the ball party, there were quite a few people. Because they were all colleagues, so they had small talks in groups instead of exchanging too many greetings.

At this time, a commotion occurred in the doorway. A female colleague screamed. "Yolanda and Harry!" Then everyone gathered around.

Joseph went to greet other colleagues. Lola, who was holding the red wine, stayed alone beside the wine table, avoiding the crowd.

Yolanda, in her black winter dress, jauntily holding Harry's arm, smiled to everyone's envy and blessings.

There was only one who stayed far away and turned her back on them. It got to be Lola!

After eating a few snacks, Joseph was nowhere to be seen.

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