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   Chapter 87 Get Out of My Room

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Harry squinted at Lola, "If it is a man, you are doomed! Thomas Herren and Joseph Li, a President and a super star, you are really something!"

Lola pushed the man to get him up. Harry bit her lips and then got up reluctantly.

Lola straightened her clothes quickly and then walked to the door. Harry reclined back on her bed and fiddled with his lighter.

Lola opened the door to find that it was Yolanda, the woman living in the opposite room. "Why did it take her so long to open the door?" Yolanda thought, with suspicion flashing in her eyes.

Her suspicion doubled when she saw flush on Lola's cheeks.

There must be someone in the room! "I'll borrow your bathroom." Yolanda pushed Lola aside and attempted to went in directly.

Lola took her arm at once and tried to pull Yolanda back. "You haven't had my permission!" She stared at Yolanda with a cold look.

"God. It seems I guess right!" Yolanda clinched her teeth and shook Lola's hands off out of rage, "I just want to use your bathroom. Don't be so mean."

She continued to walk into the room. Yolanda was so quick that Lola failed to stop her. The only thing she could do was to watch her go in.

On seeing Harry, who just came out from her room, reclining on Lola's bed and fiddling with a lighter, Yolanda stopped with grief and astonishment. Harry had left her room for more than one hour. But she still saw his car downstairs through window. Sure enough, Harry came to Lola's room.

Her eyes turned red immediately, "Harry!"

Yolanda looked like a wife who caught her husband cheating.

She burst into tears. "They are already divorced, aren't they? But why they are in the same room now and Harry is on her bed?" She thought.

Harry seemed to be indifferent to Yolanda's tears. He looked at Lola and said with a evil but still charming smile, "She was seducing me."

Yolanda bit her lower lip and turned around suddenly.

Then she strode to Lola and gave Lola a hard slap. A crisp sound of slap broke out in the quiet room.

The room was in silence for seconds. Harry threw a cold glance at Yolanda, who didn't put her hand down. But he put on the indifferent look soon.

See? Harry didn't defend her. He didn't care about her at all! "

helped her into the room.

Harry closed the door, and looked about to find seven or eight cigarette butts, broken bottles, liquor spilling on the table and a half glass of Baijiu.

He shift his gaze to the woman in his arms. He had been leaving for less than half an hour. But what a sot she had turn herself into in such a short time.

He held up the muttering sot to bathroom with a colder look.

He directly put Lola down on the floor and opened the shower. Cool water fell on Lola's body and hair soon.

Feeling cold, Lola shook head while screaming, "Why it's so cold? Is it raining? I am so cold. Please stop raining!" Drunk as she was, she couldn't figure out what was happening. She felt very cold.

Harry ignored Lola's trembling body and kept showering her. Lola didn't stop trembling until the water gradually turned warmer. She leant on the wall, dispirited.

Sinking into thought, Harry walked to Lola with an evil smile and then held her out of the bathroom.


It was getting dark. Yolanda looked at the Maybach which was still parked downstairs with desperation.

She knew Harry was in the opposite room without doubt.

At 8 am next day.

Lola was awoken by the uninterrupted mobile phone rings. With a splitting headache, she didn't want to move an inch.

But her mobile phone kept ringing. Lola finally reached her hand out to grope the mobile phone when the ninth call came.

After vaguely checked the caller ID, she answered the phone.

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