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   Chapter 85 Get Out

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The air was frozen with awkwardness. Lola turned her head, unwilling to face him. "Boss Si, it's late. You'd better go!"

Harry sneered, "Lola, you have hurt others, while you are free and unfettered. Good for you!" He pinched Lola's small chin with his right hand.

"Harry Si, get out of here, now!" Lola broke away from his control, went to the door, opened it, and asked him to leave.

"Asking me to get out? What right do you have to order me, vicious woman?" Harry kicked the door shut with a grim face and confronted Lola in the room.

"I am vicious? Didn't I divorce you? And I stay far away from you. What do you want from me?" Lola was a bit agitated when she heard Harry calling her vicious woman.

Looking at her painful expression, Harry felt uncomfortable, too. "What do I want? I did not hold you responsible. I am kind enough to you! It seems that you have succeeded in whitewashing yourself recently! If you hurt Yolanda again in the future, you will be shut out from the entertainment circle!" He looked at her and said in a cold voice.

It turned out that Harry was trying to avenge his girlfriend. "Get out!" Lola pointed in the direction of the door, her eyes red. She didn't want to see the man for another second.

"Get out?" Harry wrapped his hands around Lola's waist.

Unguarded, Lola stumbled and fell into the man's arms. "Harry, we have nothing to do with each other. Touch me if you dare, and I will sue you!"

"Try it, I'm not leaving today!" Harry carried her by her waist and kicked her bedroom door open.

"You bastard, let go of me!" Lola was really angry. Why should he bother her again? An ex-husband, who didn't care about her life, still flirted with her. Wasn't this insulting?

Harry controlled her, ignoring her protests.

A sleepless night...

When Lola woke up the next day, she was all alone in the bedroom. The smell of bath cream remained in the air, and her body was seized by discomfort.

Damn it, bloody asshole! Lola got up and stagg

such a good way for me in the entertainment circle, I shall live up to your expectations. I'll focus on my acting." She was with Harry yesterday, how could she have the mood to find another man?

Thomas shook his head and smiled. "Well, then you take a rest. Do your best in tomorrow's shooting. And I also have job to do!" He didn't want to push her.

Lola was relieved after Thomas left. He always gave her a kind of oppressive feeling. Be sure to make good money in the future, and then repay him!

At this point, Lola heard a knock on the door. She peeked through the cat's eye and saw Joseph.

When Lola opened the door, Joseph was leaning against the door frame, his face beaming with handsome smile.

"Good morning, big star." She leaned against the door and looked at him.

"My home is in A Country. Drop in sometime." Joseph went straight into the presidential suite, glanced around, and nodded with satisfaction.

Lola turned speechless. Was Joseph always so hospitable?

"May I help you?" Lola left the door half open.

"Yes, I have to ask you something. When you were in D City, you and Lillian were titled two beauties of the upper class. You are here, what about her?" Joseph came near Lola, who was taken aback.

"How do I know where she is!" Lola rolled her eyes at Joseph, who was acting like a child.

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