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   Chapter 84 Can I Help You

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Getting back up with the help of Lola, the girl was too excited to say anything but put her arms around Lola's neck.

Other fans yelled, "How sweet Lola is!"

"How lucky she is!"

Lola also gave that girl a hug and an autograph before getting in her car. For that girl, an embarrassing moment thus turned out to be a warm and nice thing with Lola's help.

Witnessing the car driving away, all the fans drifted away reluctantly.

Lola was supposed to have two days off before going to A Country for the next shoot. Mona Chen got a youth film for Lola, where she would play the lead. Lola agreed to play the part after checking her schedule.

Having slept all day, Lola was so hungry that she had to get up and go downstairs with a hoodie.

On her way, she suddenly heard some noise from behind. Turning her head, she found that it was a punch up. She put the hood up and tried to slip away.

Unfortunately, she was noticed by two of them and was about to be caught. Lola quickly ran into a mall and finally got rid of the two guys.

"Oh my god! They freaked me out. Who were they? Why did they chase after me?" Lola thought. It seemed that they were not paparazzi, but bodyguards from two employers… She was a bit puzzled and got out from another door of the mall.

"Was it possible that one group was sent by Thomas Herren to protect me while the other to hurt me? Then the two groups began fighting after meeting each other there?" Yes, this was the only possibility.

Absorbed in her thought, Lola barely noticed that the two followers appeared again. She didn't realize it until they stopped her.

One of them said, "Miss Li, my boss invites you to his place, please go with us."

"Who is your boss?" Lola asked while walking straight forward.

"You will know it when you get there, Miss Li…", the bodyguard had to stop and began running again, beca

u help me to move them? I will treat you a nice dinner, " she said laughingly. It was a shame that she hadn't ever treated Zoe a meal since he helped her every time.

"No problem."

Hanging up the phone, Lola was close to her home. Looking around alertly, Lola found nothing suspicious except Harry's car.

She went upstairs directly. A knock at the door came to her ears soon after she closed the door.

Knowing who was there, she paced slowly to the door with no intention to open it.

There was another knock. She opened the door at last.

After the tall man came in, the room seemed to be a little crowded.

It was a mature man dressed with an Italian handmade tweed coat. He coldly looked around and found that the space was small but warm and cozy.

"Mr. Si, can I help you?" Lola asked. Leaning against the door, she didn't close it, nor want him to stay there for a long time.

"It seems that you have lived a good life." Harry said while seating himself on the sofa, which was so small and compact that he felt a little uncomfortable.

Lola didn't answer, still leaning there, casually.

Harry stood up, dragged her in and closed the door.

Then he pushed her against the wall with a solemn face. "Don't wanna talk?"

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