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   Chapter 83 Taking Each Other as A Passer-by

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7247

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The hostess handed over two microphones to Joseph and Yolanda respectively which led fans under the stage scream excitedly.

"Joseph is a lively and thoughtful big boy. He always has ways to enliven the atmosphere and make us laugh!" Yolanda replied to Joseph's fans with her trademark smile and made all fans scream crazily again.

"International super star Yolanda is a beautiful and competent queen with fabulous acting. She taught us a lot." Joseph answered simply cause he didn't want to say too many things that went against his conscience.

From then on, Yolanda's fans crowned her International Queen.

Then the hostess went to Lola and asked, "The cute little Pearl played by Miss Lola is enchanting but also pure and innocent sometimes. I wonder what are you like in real life?"

"Eh... My real personality is different from little Pearl's, I think I am a casual person in life." Lola laughed when answering that question. She thought she had no specially highlighted personality trait.

"Miss Lola, may I ask you a question on behalf of fans? Many netizen say you are the mistress of Mr. Si of SL Group. Would you please explain this to your fans?" The hostess's question quieted all fans down cause they all wanted to know the answer.

Lola blinked her eyes out of astonishment. That question was not on the agenda. But all fans were looking at her expectantly and waiting for her answer, so she had to respond. She thought for a while and said, "Mr. Si and I are just friends. In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings again, we have reached a consensus. We will take each other as a passer-by in the future." "Divorce was a kind of consensus, wasn't it?" Lola thought.

Lola was trying to smile to make herself look carefree. But that hostess threw another question. "How about that video which was deleted? Many people said you kidnapped our Yolanda and Mr. Si saved her at last." That question cooled the lively atmosphere right away. The show director winked at that hostess several times trying to stop her. But the hostess turned a blind eye to his warning.

Lola took a deep breath and lifted the microphone close to her l

n't it?" She thought.

She has accepted the reality that she was going to live alone without Harry. She couldn't tell if it was her fault or Harry's.

No matter what, their relationship was over.

But she still felt heartbroken when she thought of Harry and their past happiness.

"Harry is supposed to be happy with Yolanda. Does he miss me every now and then just like the way I miss him?" She thought.

Lola stayed in M Country for her movie for more than a month. Many fans who knew her itinerary in advance went to airport to welcome her the day she came back.

The airport was crowded with fans. They were holding up elaborate boards with Lola's name on and waiting for Lola patiently.

Lola was surprised and grateful to see so many fans awaiting her, so she removed sunglasses to show respect to fans.

Lola's reaction made fans more excited. The airport was filled with ear-splitting scream soon.

"Lola Li, we love you!"

"Lola, we like you so much!"

"Lola Li, "Lola Li, we love you..."

Lola took time to sign autographs and took photos with nearby fans patiently.

In the whole course, she kept a sweet smile on face which made her kind and approachable.

When she walked to the nanny van, a young girl was pushed down in front of her by other excited fans who were pushing and shoving each other to try to get closer to Lola. Seeing that, Lola threw her handbag and sunglasses to Mona in no time.

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