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   Chapter 82 Showing Love in Public

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Lola cupped her swollen cheek and glared at the woman in front of her. For a moment, she really wanted to pounce and strangle her.

"Lady Judi, I didn't mean to." The eyes of Pearl glowed with strange red light, which made the frightened Lady Judi take a step back. Dazzled, Judi noticed that red light in Pearl's eyes was gone after a second.

At this time, the leading role Juan Sheng, played by Joseph, came over. Wearing a white long gown, he has cascades of black hair that was decorated with a simple jade hairpin. He asked with a cold face what was going on. Judi quickly pulled Juan's sleeve, complaining pitifully.

Judi complained that Pearl deliberately knocked over the balsam that had taken her a day and night to decoct. And she intended to give this precious gift to Juan.

Juan glanced coldly at Pearl without mercy, grabbed Judi's hands, and walked towards the wing-room. Lola looked at the two of them, as if she had seen the back of Harry the day he carried Yolanda in his arms and went away resolutely. With tears in her eyes, Lola felt heart-broken, painful, frustrated, and a bit despairing.

"Cut!" Called the director, who was very satisfied with this part of episode. Lola, however, seemed unable to extricate herself from the play. Tears were still rolling down her cheeks, and an air of melancholy surrounded her. The photographer quickly gave her a close-up, with the text:

"I still like you so much. You're like snow, beautiful but cold. If I were talented, I would write hundreds of poems dedicated to your beauty."

When Mona saw that Lola had been in a trance for quite a while, she came to remind her. Lola looked back at Mona and was confused. "Lola, switch to the next scene!"

It was only then that Lola realized what was going on. She immediately wiped the tears from her face.

"This is too hard!" Mona looked at the marks of slap on Lola's face, muttered discontentedly, and then called in the dresser to touch up her makeup. The marks were barely covered with a thick layer of powder.

Never mind! She would not rush into anything before she was strong

"Yolanda, we are here!"

Fans, most of which were here for Joseph and Yolanda, crazily waved the luminous signs with the names of their idols on them.

Compared with Joseph and Yolanda, fans of Lola and other supporting roles were a lot fewer.

"Dear audience, welcome to our show. This time we have invited the six main roles in Long-Cherished Wish, the hot movie. Now let's welcome Joseph Li..." When the tall hostess introduced Joseph, the audience burst into shouting and cheering. Joseph greeted the fans with his charming smile.

When Lola's name was mentioned, she held the microphone, a little nervous. This was her first time participating in a variety show. "Hello, everyone. I'm Lola Li. Nice to meet you. Thank you!" Her simple and graceful greetings won screams from fans.

The fans of Yolanda didn't buy it, what's worse, someone shouted "Whore, get out!"

It was a bit awkward, so the host hurried to the next topic. "We are excited to see our actors and actresses. Let's begin to interview them. If you have any questions, feel free to text them to the phone number at the bottom of the screen. We will help you get the answer."

"Yes. Now let me start from our handsome Joseph and gorgeous Yolanda. As the protagonists in Long-Cherished Wish, you have already cooperated with each other several times. Could you tell the fans what is the personal character of your partner?"

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