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   Chapter 81 Incomparably Beautiful

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 8224

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"I am so envious of Yolanda! No wonder Lola is willing to be a disgusting mistress. Mr. Si is not only handsome, rich but also thoughtful. No woman can resist this kind of man."

Suddenly, Lola came out from behind, which scared them. They thought Lola didn't hear what they talked cause Lola just passed by them straightly without saying anything.

When Lola walked sadly to the doorway of filming site, unsurprisingly, she saw Yolanda getting in Harry's car.

To conceal embarrassment, she fished her mobile phone out at once and pretended she was playing with the phone while waiting for taxi.

Yolanda saw Lola too. "Is she standing there to try to seduce my Harry again?

If she dares to do that again, I won't let her off." She sneered.

When Lola was passing by Harry's Maybach slowly, a white Ferrari stopped beside her.

It was Joseph.

"Get in the car. I send you home!" Joseph was sitting in the fancy car and waving at Lola with a bright smile on his attractive face.

But Lola shook her head, "No, thanks."

She neither wanted to make any new friends nor had contact with too many people at that time.

On hearing that unexpected answer, Joseph got out of the car and said, "To be honest, I feel comfortable staying with you. How about that I give you a chance to be my sister!" He looked at Lola arrogantly, cause in his opinion, to be his sister was a supreme honor for anybody.

Lola rolled her eyes at that proud big boy and let out two words again, "No, thanks." Then she hailed a taxi and left, leaving Joseph standing there alone in shock.

Joseph was so angry that he swore to teach Lola a lesson the next day.

Harry saw all that through the rear view mirror.

Although Harry kept his poker face unchanged throughout, Yolanda still felt worried. She knew it was Lola that Harry had been staring at. "Does he still love Lola Li?" She wondered crazily.

Harry didn't start his car until the taxi ran out of his sight.

It was a snowy day. Lola's part was a fox-incarnated woman. She needed to show the cuteness of Pearl who became a woman for the first time. Lola threw all her negative emotions behind and showed her most attractive feature.

Her performance surprised everyone. How could that pure little Pearl wreck others' marriage?

Lola in a snow-white mink hair cloak of ancient style was standing in the snow and fondling the spotless snow around her. With a smile blooming on her face, she looked lik

my Joseph!"


In the CEO office of SL Group.

Harry was sitting on the executive chair and sliding pictures on Weibo. The woman in pictures was beautiful and pure with a smile blossoming on her pink face. Harry couldn't help downloading them. Of course, those with Joseph in were passed over.

Harry ignited a cigarette and took a puff as squinting at the woman in pictures.

"Lola Li! How could you still be so happy and carefree after you did that to Yolanda." Harry thought.

Then Harry made an internal call, asking Joy to come to his office.

Joy took a deep breath outside the door to make himself fully prepared to face the coming "storm" before he went in. He told himself to be careful every day.

Because in that period of time, his boss became a moody workaholic, working overtime and blowing off steam at any time. All employees were too scared to approach him.


"Check where Lola is living now." Harry flicked ash into the ashtray with his slender finger. He was heavily addicted to cigarette in those days.

"Ok." Joy replied. But he was wondering now that Boss and Miss Lola have divorced, why Boss still wants to know where Miss Lola is living?

In his opinion, Lola was just a princess who might be short-tempered and childish sometimes but absolutely no bad. Boss was tricked by his ex-girlfriend. Although Joey was a clear-minded bystander, he didn't dare to tell Boss his opinion..

In the filming site.

Little Pearl was slapped by Judi played by Yolanda because she knocked over her balsam on which Judi had spent a day and a night by accident. Linda's face became swollen soon.

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