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   Chapter 80 Wanting Nothing from Divorce

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"I will give you his phone number. If you cannot get in, call him." Lola told so to Zoe and entered Harry's private number in his cellphone.

"Ok. Lola, if you need me, let me know. I am always by your side." Lola felt a deep affection from Zoe, but she didn't take it seriously and shook her head to wake herself up.

"Got it. One more thing…" Lola thought it was better to move from Thomas Herren's place as soon as possible. After all, it was not convenient to live there.

"What's up?" Zoe asked. He was very willing to help.

"I would like to rent a house. Could you help?"

"No problem. What kind of house do you want? "

"Some place quiet and clean with adequate space for solo living." Lola answered. She didn't ask for much.

"Ok. I will get going later and call you by tomorrow."

After talking about some other stuff, Lola went to the Blue Island Mall and called Wendy at the gate.

Wendy had already gone home after work. She was so excited about Lola's call that she jumped off the chair immediately.

If Lola did not repeatedly guarantee that she was ok, she could hardly stop Wendy's eagerness to meet her.

"It is late today. How about talking in Wechat? I will go for you sometime later", Lola promised.

"All right. Drive safe", Wendy said. Lola hung up the phone and drove away.

The next day, Zoe dialed the number Lola gave him.

"Hello!" A colder voice came over the phone.

"Are you at work now? I have something from Lola", his directness made Harry silent for a while.

"I will be there soon, " said Harry finally.

Joey picked up Zoe on the first floor and guided him upstairs. Looking at the huge office, he sneered.

What was the use of owning such a big company, for such an idiot both mentally and emotionally?

In the office, the sneer disappeared suddenly when Zoe made an eye contact with the

ange her situation.

She thought for a while and agreed.

It was a Xianxia movie. Her role was quite demanding. As a fox which disguised itself as a teenager, she must act both coquettishly and innocently.

And Yolanda acted as a crafty daughter from a rich family. Her partner was Joseph Li, who acted as an incomparable man named Ryan Yan. This screen couple was as popular as Yolanda and Harry.

The story was the same as the old tricks: the secondary female lead loves the male lead while the secondary male lead shows affection to the female lead. The little fox Lola played was called Pearl. She had no good ending and disappeared completely as her soul was torn into pieces by the armor lock of the heroine.

In the first day of shooting, Joseph intended to revenge on Lola, but what he received was a calm look, which was not as lively and naughty as that day.

Thinking of the things happened before, Joseph decided to let it go.

The first episode was a good start. Yolanda acted incisively and Lola did her job well, which was the happiest thing for the director.

When the work was over, Lola heard two girls muttering while changing her clothes, "Yolanda must be very happy. She even got picked up by Mr. Si."

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