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   Chapter 79 All She Needed to End Everything

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6522

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Lola nodded and closed her eyes. A tear drop rolled down her cheeks upon hearing Thomas's footsteps receding into the distance.

She was done with Harry. There was no need to humiliate herself. So, let it go!

Lola slept till night, and when she woke up, a young girl walked in holding a tray.

"Miss, you wake up." The young girl looked about the same age as her. When she saw that Lola woke up, she put the tray on the table, ran over, and helped her up gently.

"Well, what time is it now?" Lola was alright except for her sore throat and painful chest.

"Over seven o'clock, Miss. Please have some soup I just made." She brought the soup over, placed it at the bedside, and prepared to spoon the soup to her.

"Thank you, I'll do it myself!" Feeling embarrassed, Lola took over the bowl, which almost fell off her shaking hands. Fortunately, the soup did not spill out for the bowl was not full.

"It's okay, Miss. You are not feeling well, let me feed you." The young girl smiled joyfully, which made Lola feel comfortable.

"You can call me Lola. What's your name?" Lola asked curiously as the girl was scooping up the soup.

"My name is Coco Gu. I know you, you are a big star!" Coco looked at Lola with envy. She was so lucky that she could actually meet the President of A Country and a big star!

"You are flattering me! I'm not famous yet!" Yolanda couldn't just stop at that. If Lola knew her at all, she would take things further by provoking public outcry against her.

After finishing off the soup, Lola regained strength and wanted to take a bath.

Coco Gu was hired by Thomas to take special care of Lola. When she was in the bathroom, Coco guarded her at the bathroom door, in case that she might be uncomfortable and need help.

Lola found that Coco had already prepared milk bath for her in the bathroom. Next to the bathtub were several bottles of new ladies' luxury toiletries, as well as men's b

ust now, he was too excited and had already been noticed by some others.

"Well. I am fine!" Lola ordered a cup of coffee and became lost in thought. When she came across Harry at the Pearl Spring, he treated her like a stranger.

"Lola? Lola?" Zoe called Lola's name several times before she came to her senses.

"What?" Lola smiled, in a way that was completely different from before.

"You and... Yolanda and Harry, what's going on?" Zoe had seen the video and was bewildered for a second. Would Lola find someone to humiliate Yolanda? It was definitely impossible. Even if Lola hated the woman, she would not retaliate against her in such a way. Only those who did not know her would believe the scene on the video. God knows how the video was produced!

"That's why I came to you... You go to Harry's company and hand this over to him." Lola pulled out a portfolio with a lot of stuff.

Zoe took a quick look at what was printed on the paper, and stared wide-eyed at Lola. "Lola, are you sure you want to do this?"

Zoe felt his heart was trembling, as if he would soon get something that he had lost...

Lola didn't notice anything unusual about Zoe. She took a sip of the bitter coffee and nodded her head.

After a long silence, he spoke, "I'll send it to him tomorrow."

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