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   Chapter 78 I Will Be in Hell

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"Slap!" With a crisp sound, Lola's face twisted to one side, and her ears were buzzing.

He... actually slapped her...

He didn't use all his strength. Though her face hurt, it was her heart that hurt even more.

"Harry, you don't believe me?" Lola touched her slapped face, still asked innocently.

"Lola! Enough! I have never taken you for a vicious woman!" Harry said through gritted teeth. Until now, he finally saw through her — an insidious and vicious woman!

With these words he picked up the shivering woman on the ground and prepared to leave.

Lola smiled with a touch of self-mockery. "Harry, if you don't believe me today, we shall... divorce!" Why holding on to a marriage like this?

The man turned around and uttered a word coldly, "Okay!" His expression made Lola feel that she had never known him!

He even agreed to divorce, huh! Looking at the man turning his back, Lola shouted, "Harry Si, if you turn your back on me today, I will be in hell!"

Lola retreated step by step towards the vast sea. Harry took a deep look at her and turned away without hesitation.

He didn't take a few steps before he heard a loud plop. Someone jumped into the sea...

Hearing that, Harry paused but he did not turn around.

After that, a dozen of plops were heard continuously from all directions.

The next day.

A video that was apparently from a stalker spread over the Internet. Someone had stealthily filmed the scene last night at the wharf. It was very exciting.

The stalker intentionally recorded from Yolanda's calling for help. The video ended when Lola jumped into the water and a dozen men in black followed suit.

It was obviously a love triangle, in which Lola kidnapped Yolanda, who was saved by Harry.

The part where Lola mentioned divorce was also deliberately cut. So the netizens mistook that Lola threatened suicide because Harry did not love her.

Overnight, Lola was missing. She even became "the ot

he screen.

"Mr. ... Herren." Lola said in a hoarse voice. Seeing Lola waking up, Thomas put down his work, and came over.

"Are you alright?" Thomas looked at her tenderly, and his eyes were full of concern. He helped her up from the bed and placed the pillow under her back for her to lean on.

Lola gently nodded, "Did you save me?" Before opening her eyes, she recalled everything of the day. He must be the man who saved her.

No matter what he was up to, he saved her, didn't he?

"My men arrived there late, only to see you jumping down. Why were you so silly?" Sitting by the bedside, Thomas felt concerned and forced a smile.

She laughed at herself. She thought that threatening the man with her suicide would make a difference.

But little did she know that she had no place in his heart, even if she was in danger. "Thank you, Mr. Herren." Lola thanked him sincerely.

"It's all right. Take care of yourself. Your play has been dragging on for a couple of days, and I can't handle it if you don't get well." He looked at her half-jokingly.

Lola nodded and said, "I need more sleep." Perhaps, because she just recovered and was still weak, Lola felt tired though she only sat up for a short while.

Thomas helped her lie down and put the pillow for her. "Have a good rest!"

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