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   Chapter 77 Not Me

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Lola curled her lips, thinking that if her marriage was exposed, her acting career would soon come to an end! She decided to let it go, for the best way was to keep silent! When the sensation faded away, people would forget about it!

After the lunch, Lola took out her sunglasses from the bag and put them on. But what Harry wanted to do was just to throw them away, for they covered much of her face.

Then, he did so. After giving him a glare, Lola pulled her collar up and covered her face before getting into Harry's car.

"Lola, move back to the villa." This farce should come to an end! Harry made the order in a calm tone while driving skillfully.

The woman paused and asked, "What about Yolanda?" Her simple question sent Harry into silence for half a minute. "Mother has come here the other day." Rose Mu kicked up a row, when knowing that Yolanda was about to move out, and threatened to break off with him if he drove Yolanda out.

Lola kept silent. Then, why should she go back? She still remembered Yolanda's dirty trick of slapping her several times under the cover of the plot of the drama!

"Lola, you can ignore her presence!" said Harry in a low tone. He would solve this after all.

The woman responded with a sneer. "Have you heard this - If I am the one you love, I will not fear endless rivals in love? But I am not the one in your heart." muttered she, which cooled the atmosphere in the car.

"How do you know that you are not in my heart?" Harry squeezed that out, gnashing his teeth.

"Isn't she also in your heart? You are really something!" Lola sneered. Harry looked at her, with an impulse to throttle her. With the skillful steering, Harry pulled over.

"Didn't I tell you to give me some time?"

The woman looked steadily at his eyes. "Time? How long? Half a lifetime?" asked she in an undisturbed tone, running her fingers through her hair around the ear.

Harry held her face to make her look at him. "No, it won't be that

Ah! No!" Lola was rather confused at what Yolanda cried.

"I don't know these men!" Did Yolanda think she was kidnapped here by Lola? Lola was the one who had been kidnapped!

"Stop it!" said a man swiftly and fiercely in a familiar cold voice.

"Harry, help!" Yolanda cried rather sadly, as if Harry was the only life-saving straw to her.

The scare in Yolanda's eyes brought him back to the day when Yolanda desperately cried for help in the hotel while he was not by her side.

The men stopped once they saw Harry, and the African man riding on Yolanda turned around to ask, "Miss Li, should we continue?"


The homicidal look from Harry made Lola suddenly realize what happened. She was framed up by this woman...

"Harry, not me!" She looked at Harry at once, only to find his eyes glued to Yolanda, which were red out of fury. He didn't even look at her.

The man hurried to Yolanda and kicked the African man away. The brawny men gathered behind Lola immediately.

"Yolanda, you must be crazy!" Seeing those brawny men hiding behind her like seeking shelter, she got so angry that her hands trembled.

Yolanda was shivering in the arms of Harry, who took off his coat to drape it over her shoulders.

Lola furiously stepped forward to strip off the coat and throw it away in a huff.

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