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   Chapter 76 The Man Who She Secretly Missed

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6967

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"Entering the entertainment circle with the help of the other man?" The woman was silent.

"Lola, you are making a mistake!" The woman was still silent.

"Don't talk? All right, let's do something other than talking!"

"Harry, let go of me!" Lola opened her mouth finally.

"Let go of you? No way!" He held her in his arms and kissed her.

Unable to free herself from his control, Lola stepped on his foot and jumped out at once while he was distracted. She glared at the man in front of her and rubbed her lips hard.

Why he always set the rules? He could cheat in their marriage, letting the other woman live in his home, whereas she was criticized by him for entering the entertainment circle!

While the woman was rubbing her lips, the man's eyes were gleaming with danger.

He stepped forward, shouldered the woman, threw her on her room bed and stopped her.

"Go away!" She tried to kick him, but missed.

He pinched her chin, showing a very angry expression. "What did I say to you? You're not allowed to step into showbiz. You turn a deaf ear?" Harry pinned the disobedient woman.

Lola gave up struggle and turned her head aside, ignoring him.

At this time, Harry's personal cell phone rang. He took the phone out of his pocket, looked at the phone number and pressed the "Answer" button.

"Young Master, Miss Mo seems to have a stomachache, and is ill in bed. I don't know what to do." With trembling voice on the phone, Betty reported as what Yolanda told her to.

"Tell her to go to the hospital!"

"But... Miss Mo can't get up. I can't carry her by my own..." Hearing the perplexed voice of Betty over the phone, Lola sneered. What a capable bitch!

"I'm going back now!" Harry hung up the phone, got up from Lola and was ready to leave.

Lola was lying on the bed, sneering. This was her husband in name! He was thinking about the other woman even when he was on top of her!

"I'm going back to Pearl Spring. One last time, quit the entertainment circle!" Harry left the apartment after saying his words.

Lola was left

that Lola had something to say.

She put down her knife and fork. "A paparazzo had just photographed us." She was still in the beginning of her career and could not afford a scandal.

"Eat your meal!" Harry did not show his attitude, and calmly looked at the anxious Lola.

"Didn't you get rid of all the news that you had with Yolanda before? Delete ours, too!" The man's calmness made Lola a bit more anxious.

The men looked attentively at her and spit out, "No!" His blunt answer made Lola speechless.

Lola pouted and took out her cell phone to see if her Weibo was occupied by "keyboard men". Harry grabbed her cell phone and put it in his pocket. "Can you just enjoy the meal?"

Discontentedly, Lola cut the steak in the plate, her mind stuffed with the scandal. She regretted not going out in disguise.

"I don't mind. Why do you mind? Does it bother you to be photographed together with me?" Harry took Lola's plate, cut the steak quickly, and handed it to her.

She grunted, "Of course! I am in the novice period, if the fans who believe you and Yolanda are a couple take me as the mistress, it would be a game over for me." Millions of their supporters on Weibo were probably shouting curses towards her right now!

"Have you not taken a photo of our marriage certificate? Post it, you have my permission!" Shut up their mouths! That was the simplest way!

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