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   Chapter 74 Throw Money in Harry's Face

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6982

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She had just flung the bank cards onto the table in the morning and now she came here again... "I want to buy something." Lola said cheekily.

By the way, the two tiny bruises on his lips are really funny...

"Is it so funny?" Harry was thick-skinned to attend the meeting with the bite marks. Watching the twisted expression of those executives who tried to hold back laughter, Harry wanted to cut down their bonuses this month in half.

"Indeed!" Lola touched her nose and answered truthfully.

Harry replied with murderous look in his eyes. "Buy something, right?" The man leaned on the sofa and looked leisurely at the woman in front of him.

How Lola wished to kill him for his arrogance! "Yeah! Since you have changed the name to mine, I'll brazen it out and come to you!" She looked helpless.

"No problem!"

When Lola was carried to the big bed in Harry's lounge, she vowed to herself. Damn it, she must make big bucks in the future, and throw money in Harry's face—the man to whom she was selling herself for his money now!

When Lola got into the car, gripping a golden VIP card, she wanted to cry! Being tortured for a few hours! This was the price for the card! The point was the card was registered in her name! Harry told her that it was the net profit of Blue Island Mall in the last two months...

At Blue Island Mall.

When Wendy got off work, Lola dragged her to the mall for a shopping spree. Wendy had no choice but to accompany her boss's wife.

"Wendy, let's go for dinner!" Lola was fitting on a pair of high-heeled boots, very good!

"Sorry, I can't! The kid I am tutoring is going to take an exam again. I have to spend two more hours today!" Recently, Wendy became the mall manager with the help of Lola. With increased income, she didn't have to do several part-time jobs at the same time!

"All right! Then I'll go back alone!" Her plan to eat hot pot was spoiled.

"Oh, why don't you take back your motorcycle? I've been riding it for a long time!" Wendy thought of something important.

Lola waved her hand and said, "I may not need it

ng the men to prevent him from going upstairs.

They came to a deadlock. "Lola, can you not be so childish?" Harry looked at the small hand pulling his wrist. There was really nothing he can do with her.

She was childish? All right. Lola took what he had in his hand, grabbed the key of the apartment and went out. "You two go on flirting with each other, I'll move out!"

As Lola was changing her shoes, Harry watched her and closed his eyes with irritation. What should he do to keep this little woman from making trouble for him! As you like!

Yolanda gloated over Lola's walking out of the door. This was exactly what she wanted!

Before Lola got into her car, she took a look at the closed villa door. It saddened her that Harry didn't even ask her to stay. She drove away in her Bugatti Veyron.

At the address mentioned by Harry, Lola pressed the elevator button for the 28th floor. Instead of using fingerprint, Lola opened the apartment door with the key. Covering over 200 square meters, the apartment was furnished with high grade furniture and appliances.

Humph! Harry, you must have bought this apartment to keep a mistress! Lola's heart was aching. Isn't Pearl Spring 8 a better choice for you to do that?

Fine, I will give you the chance and I don't have to see that vicious bitch every day! I won't make you embarrassed, either. Heh!

Harry, good for you!

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