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   Chapter 73 Make Her Famous at Any Cost

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7042

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When Lola went downstairs, Joey had gone and Yolanda was considering something with a sullen look. Seeing Lola running downstairs, Yolanda glared at her resentfully.

"I am in a good mood now. If you want that car, just take it!" She fled out of the villa after snatching the key of her car. "No, To be precise, she fled away from that man. Ha-ha-ha!

In the villa, Yolanda thought it was the right time to take the next move, with her well-preserved right hand tapping on the table. "Lola, I am not done with you yet, not until I kick you out of Harry's life for good!" she thought.

In Raymond Entertainment Company.

This is one of the two giant entertainment companies in D City. The other one is JH Entertainment. It was told that the boss of the former was from A Country, while where the boss of the latter came from was unknown.

When she made it at Raymond Entertainment, there were some women lining up for audition.

They were all breathtaking beauties featuring their own charm. Though a few of them had undergone some cosmetic surgery, so had most of the celebrities nowadays.

Those candidates cast a glance at Lola who arrived in a hurry, and turned round to resume their preparation for interview.

At that time, Lola received a message, saying: "Distinguished Mrs. Li, hello! Please pick up your Ferrari and Buggati Veyron in our chain store at No. 8 Liulin Rd. with your ID card before 5:00 this afternoon. Thank you and wish you well!"

Ferrari and Buggati Veyron? Did Harry change the ownership of Ferrari? She smiled, feeling that she would soon defeat that woman!

Soon, it was Lola's turn. When she entered with her curriculum vitae, several interviewers shared a tacit agreement and started to talk in whispers. Maybe, they had been instructed by Thomas Herren before. Being the beneficiary of nepotism, Lola felt a little embarrassed...

Therefore, she exerted herself to the utmost in her performance.

Though she had not danced for a long time, she was not out of practice. Her enchanting dance and lofty expression in the eyes... were extremely perfect.

As s

ear the SL Group, feeling reluctant though, she still headed for the company to find Harry. But her inconsistency was just like smacking herself in the face!

After parking the car steadily at the gate of the SL Group, Lola got out. She entered the company, witnessed by others with envy and complexity. But she was still greeted by many, and she smiled back at them.

She came to the CEO floor directly. Those secretaries knew who she was for certain!

So she was led into the office and told that she had to wait for a while till the CEO finished his meeting.

Lola sat on the sofa and walked around in Harry's spacious office to kill time. She pushed another door open into his lounge, where the glorious sunshine cast on the broad bed for temporary residence. In the closet displayed some clothes and shoes for change in a casual way.

At that time, the door of the office was opened, and Lola went out of the lounge.

After placing his documents onto the desk, Harry looked at the woman walking out of the lounge and approached her. The bite mark on his mouth was a constant reminder for him of what the woman had done that morning!

"I have my reason to come here. Boss Si, I need your help." said Lola, slightly red on cheeks as looking at Harry who was extremely attractive as always dressed in a suit and tie.

"What's up!" He sat down on the sofa beside her, nobly cross-legged.

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