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   Chapter 72 I'll Do You A Favor

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6590

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Harry sneered disdainfully. He was cheating on her? "What evidence do you have to say that I am cheating on you?" This woman was such a ridiculous idiot!

"What evidence do you have to say that I aborted my child?" Lola had long wanted to ask him this question. What made him so sure that she aborted the child on purpose?

"Evidence?" Enraged by the topic of the miscarried child, Harry pulled the car over. "Your registration record, diagnostic list, and operation signature in the hospital, is that enough?" He unbuckled his seat belt, stepped out of the car, and pulled out Lola as well.

Registration? Signature? Lola was confused. Yolanda really put herself out to prepare these "evidence"! A little distracted, Lola did not resist when Harry shoved her into the back seat.

The man tried to ride on her. "Lola, you killed my child, you must give me another. No! One cannot make up for your fault. It must be ten!"

Ten? Was she a sow?


In the middle of the night, the dozy Lola felt herself being put into bed.

Pinned under the weight of a heavy body, she exerted all her strength to kick the man off the bed. "Go away!"

Harry fell with a flop onto the floor and stood up again. Livid with rage, he fixed his eyes on the half-asleep woman.

Harry threw himself on Lola without hesitation.

The next day, Lola was awakened by Harry's phone ringing. She only saw Harry getting up after answering the phone with a hum.

Lola also got up. But the two people didn't say anything to each other.

After washing up, Harry walked downstairs first and Lola followed.

Yolanda had been waiting at the dining table. Upon seeing Harry, she beckoned Mrs. Du to serve breakfast for him.

When the breakfast was almost finished, the villa doorbell rang and Mrs. Du went to open the door. It was Joey, who walked in while exchanging greetings with Mrs. Du.

"Boss, the three cars have been arranged. You can fetch them now." Joey took out three ca

our business. And you don't bother about mine." Lola caught his palm, trying to get rid of him.

"Lola, good for you! You have killed my child. Who give you the right to mind my business?" Harry coldly looked at the wicked woman in front of him.

"How do you know it's your child?" Lola grinned and looked at him contemptuously.

Hearing her answer, Harry turned cold all over, and stared straight at the woman. "Provoking me won't do anything good to you!" If she dared to bear children for any other man, he would have killed her!

She was frightened to shiver by his cold gaze. "Boss Si, please let me go, I'm engaged today!" Lola had made an appointment with Thomas last night. She cannot be late for the interview with the entertainment company.

"If you don't come back, Lola, try it! Your husband will teach you a lesson!" Harry snickered when he finished his words.

Lola snickered, too. Then she threw her arms around his neck and kissed his thin lips.

To kiss her back, Harry moved his hand from Lola's chin to the back of her head. The woman took a few steps forward and the man stepped back.

With a cunning look, Lola bit the man on his lip with no mercy. Harry released his big hands in pain. Ignoring the man's bleeding mouth, Lola escaped from his arms and ran out of the door.

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