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   Chapter 71 Began to Fight

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Lola's grandmother was not a master of painting. Lola cared about that painting, just because her grandmother meant a lot to her.

Looking at the anxious little woman next to him, Thomas Herren smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. If you want it, I will buy it for you."

"There is no need to compete with Harry. Let him take it. Don't spend too much money on unworthy things." Lola stared at the back of Harry and bit her bottom lip. What a fool he was! Money burns a hole in his pocket?

"Thirty million." Harry raised his paddle again.

This time, Thomas Herren didn't follow him. With the fall of a hammer, the auctioneer said, "Thirty Million, last chance! ...Bidder No. 6, Mr. Si. Congratulations!"

During the following auction, Thomas Herren bid an antique of the early Qing Dynasty for twenty million.

Harry took a landscape oil painting of a famous French artist of the 17th century with the bid of fifty million. His lavishness made everyone speechless.

After the auction, Lola together with Thomas Herren bid a farewell to guests smilingly. Her face had hardly gone numb after keeping smiling when all the others left.

Lola and Thomas walked out of the hotel escorted by several guards behind them. When they approached the parking garage, Lola relaxed her hold, quietly took out her phone, had a quick look at the message and put it back.

Seeing her little trick, Thomas Herren just smiled and said nothing.

In the parking garage.

The black Maybach overbearingly stopped in the way and a man casually laid his suit jacket on his shoulder with his tie loosened. The cigarette ends at his feet showed that he had been waiting for a long time.

Harry blew a smoke ring, looking dispirited yet handsome.

Thomas Herren looked at his own car. The case was that his car could move forward only if the Maybach drove away. It seemed that the man was trying to make trouble!

"Mr. Si, could you please move your car, thank you!" Thomas Herren's chauffeur, with great respect, asked the cold man in front of him.

"I will if she asks me to do that." Harry took the last puff and stubbed out the cigarette. Then he pointed to Lola who was draping Thomas Herr

man wanted to try again, a luxurious car rushed over and stopped on the roadside.

Then everyone saw that the beauty was pulled to the passenger seat of the car by a handsome man and then the car galloped away. Everyone sighed: losers as they were, they could not understand the world of the wealthy!

"Lola, how dare you. Who give you the courage to show up with a man in public?" Harry locked the four car doors so that there was nowhere for Lola to escape.

"Harry, you have no right to judge me! Didn't you stay with other women in public? And you even brought her home. Would you like to be surrounded by beauties?" Lola raised her voice out of anger. This man was so thick-skinned!

He nodded as if thinking of something, "Surrounded by beauties? Em, good idea."

"You ... bastard, let me get out of the car!" Seeing Harry was thinking about it seriously, Lola was so furious that she broke out into curses.

"Don't you dare talk to me like that, Lola!" In the past years, those who dared to curse him all ended up tragedy. He needed to think about how to punish her.

"I won't go back with you!" How come that woman complacently sleep with her husband in her house after killing her baby?

The man sneered, "Why? Since you have made friends with Thomas Herren, you wanted to have an affair with him?" Harry's satirical words made Lola's eyes red.

"So what? Aren't you cheating on me?" Lola was certain that they had already slept together.

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