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   Chapter 70 Hook up with Mr. President

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The decoration of Thomas's villa was quite simple. Walls were stuck with pattern wallpaper in light black and white. Most furniture was in black, gray and white.

In the spacious drawing room, there was a clothes stand hanging with a dozen of expensive formal dresses. Beside the clothes stand were several men dressing up in unique style. They were waiting for Thomas's command. On seeing Lola coming in, Thomas who was sitting on the sofa leisurely with a Pad in the hands stood up to welcome her at once.

"Lola, come here and pick dresses." Thomas led her to the clothes stand.

By the touch of it, Lola could tell that those dresses were quality. The dresses she wore for parties before were fancy enough, but those in front of her at that time were even more exquisite.

Lola compared those beautiful dresses in different colors carefully and picked two at last, one in pure white, the other one in hot red.

"Go to the room to the right upstairs and make up. I will await you here." Then Thomas turned to servants and asked them to lead Lola upstairs.

Lola nodded and followed servants upstairs.

"This room should be Thomas's bedroom." Lola thought. The decoration was in the same style as the drawing room. The closet and sofa are both in white. On the bed was a neatly folded creamy-white blanket.

Since there was no dresser available in Thomas's room, Lola sat at a table nearby.

Then three styling designers came to her soon after she sat down, and started to discuss what color of lipstick and eye shadow they were gonna use to match Lola's dress.

Two hours later.

Lola in a hot red dress got in Thomas's car heading to the charity gala.

On the first floor of Telles Hotel.

A charity gala held by the government of both D City and A Country was about to begin.

Hotel staff members were busy making the final preparation to make this party perfect, cause all guests invited were either super rich or famous in D City and A Country. Not only business tycoons, super stars but also the President of A Country would attend.

Thus all waiters serving tonight were picked from experienced staff and went through demanding training and times of skill assessment.

Just after 7 p.m., pairs of meticulously dressed men and women arrived at the hotel successively. All waiters were on the ball at once. They were request

exactly the ink wash painting on the wall of Li villa's living room cause it was herself who framed it.

That painting wasn't drawn by any famous painter, but by her deceased grandmother.

"This is an ink wash painting by the deceased Catherine Rong. The starting price is RMB 50, 000."

Thomas knew Lola wanted that painting cause she had been staring at it since it was displayed on the stage.

"One hundred thousand." It was Harry started the first bid leisurely.

"Two hundred thousand." It was Thomas this time who bid in a deep but elegant voice.

"Five hundred thousand." Harry, who had been watching his mobile phone in the hands, bid without looking up.

"One million." That was a competition between two powerful men. All guests were astonished by their bid and burst into an uproar.

That painting wasn't worth RMB one million at all, but the bid was continuing on.

"Two million." Hearing Harry's bid, Yolanda secretly plucked Harry's sleeve to remind him that the painting wasn't worth that much money.

"Five million." Tommy followed without any hesitation.

"Ten million." Harry kept up with Thomas's bid. Hearing Harry's bid, guests seemed to be more excited and also confused. They all could tell that Harry and Thomas were competing for something.

Their discussion became more and more heated. "What on earth Mr. Si and President Herren are fighting for?"

Minutes later, a voice arose and shocked almost everyone, "Twenty million." Lola tugged at Thomas's sleeve slightly and whispered, " This painting is not worth so much."

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